Sunday, October 4, 2009

This and That from a bad blogger

Can't believe that it has been almost 2 months since my last post. So much has gone on in my life that I couldn't begin to share it all but here are a few photos to give a small glimpse into my life. These first photos are of my classroom. I only have one large board so I have a picture of it when it was the beginning of the year and as it is now with the fall leaves. I had fun doing them. The soccer balls are actual balls that I cut in half and glued to the astro-turf on the board. It was fun... Then I have my helper chart and the You've been framed poster. This is where I post a student's picture when I have caught them doing something good.

I love the sign that my sister painted for my room. Love the colors... Thanks Sandy.

First day of school in my room. Carson and Cameron visiting me before the school day begins... Love those crazy faces.... :)

Of course there is always some soccer to be played by my 3 kiddos. Love watching them... And Chandler getting ready for the homecoming dance.. Wow can't believe how fast time goes when raising these kids... He has only one more year at home and I really feel like it was just yesterday that I delivered him.

Life has been crazy busy... but I am so excited about Fall. Here our Fall and Spring seasons are short but love them anyway..
Teaching has been fun and completely overwhelming at the same time. My appreciation for teachers has multiplied by a million.. I could never have imagined just how much work is involved teaching and preparing for 8 subjects...... The Lord has blessed me with some really great kids in my class and David has been so supportive. He has even cleaned the house on several occasions since I started.. What a blessing.... Hopefully I will post again before Thanksgiving(haha)...... Ya'll have a wonderful day... I am looking forward to church and spending time with family and of course writing a few lesson plans.. :)