Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A little bit of this and A little bit of that

Today was the Valentine partys at the preschool and Kindergarten. I had them in my class yesterday and today. Carson just had his today and Cameron, because he goes to school everyday so that I can teach, he also had one yesterday and today. He thinks that is great. The K-5 class goes everyday. The 3 and 4K classes meet on MWF for 18 kids and then another set of 18 on T/Th. So he gets to do two of everything during the week which hasn't bothered him a bit. Needless to say with all the candy around here we are on a mucho sugar high!

Sunday after church we went to Pepere and Memere's(French for Grandmother and
Grandfather)The boys always have a great time. They put on buckets for hats and get sticks and walk around like they are going on an adventure. From the picture you can tell that Chandler opts to stay indoors and usually falls asleep on the couch. I made him let me take this picture. Cameron also has on his Pepere's hat that he wanted to borrow but Pepere wears it too often to let loose of it.

I was so excited to open my mail today and find these two picture frames that Christy sent me, for no reason at all. What a suprise and a sweet blessing. With three boys I know I will put them to good use right away. I won a give away she had a while back and I was having camera trouble so I did not post all that she sent but it was a bunch of really great things. I really loved these pot holders she sent I thought I would show them. Thanks Christy!!


Monday, February 11, 2008

A new look and a give away link

I was so excited when Brandy asked me if I was interested in a new look for my blog. I think she captured exactly what I mean by my blog title. (It still amazes me that He died for me!!)She was patient with me and finished in a timely manner and was not too expensive either. If any of you are interested in a new look head on over to her blog and let her know. Thanks Brandy!

My sister, Sandy, is participating in One world, One heart give away and I just wanted to send you over there. I believe the winners will be picked on Valentine's Day. She and her friend Nicole have a business and their blog M & E Designs is also participating so hop on over to both and sign up just might be your lucky day. All three are great give away items. The key chain is pretty but so much prettier in person. She made one for me with those exact colors and I love it! The post date for the black tray is January 20th.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

My husband and I decided long ago that I would be homeschooling my younger two children at least for a couple of years. We have been extremely excited about doing this. This year there was a need for a 4-K teacher at my kids preschool I was approached about interviewing for this position and even though my degree was in elementary education 1-8 I thought why not??? I had one child in the 3yr old class and one in the Kindergarten class and I would be in a room right in the middle of them where I could go hug them if I had an extra minute and it was only 3 hours a day. I found out at the end of August that they wanted to hire me and so off I went into the land of uncharterd territory. I just knew this would be a great stepping stone for me to transition into homeschool next year.
Fast forward to today and I had to tell my boss I would not be back in the Fall. There was one thing getting in the way of my telling her and that was that I have sooooo loved this job. Before I took this job I was guilty of using my children's preschool time as a time for me to have a break and if they learned something in the process then great! A lot of times I did not even check their bags for work they did. Little did I know just how much work these preschool teachers put into their jobs. I have lesson plans that cooridinate with letters of the week. We do math, write names and letters. I teach bible verses. We sing a lot, so much that my voice has not been the same since school started. I have put a ton of work into this job and have loved every minute with the children and getting to know their parents. It really is not an easy job but if you love it you are hooked!
I went over every possible scenario that would allow me to stay in this job but it would always be at the expense of my family. I knew another reason I wanted to stay was for a selfish reason and that is I was getting accolades from my peers, my boss and parents about my abilities in teaching. Not a lot of accolades are coming from the kiddos when it is just you and them at home so I really found this embarrassingly rewarding.
These are the types of decisions I find the hardest. Picking between better and best. If I hated the job it would be so much easier to leave. I do realize that the Lord has given me a gift in teaching but I also know that no matter how gifted I am if I am out of His will for my life then I will get less than mediocre results in whatever I attempt no matter how "good" it may be. I must also add that I know how fast little ones grow and I have plenty of time to teach at a school later when my kids are older if the Lord leads. Until then I want to really take in these last few younger years with them and just memorize them and engrave them on my heart.
Sorry for the long post just pondering my day and the blessings the Lord has given to me and allowed me to experience.