Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh No!! My phone is about to die!!

I am running errands one day and as I am driving from one place to another I notice my phone battery is on about 8%-- Oh GASP!! Most of us know that feeling of the phone battery being gone.  Not sure why it has become such an issue for me I went at least 30 years of my life without a cell phone and I managed to survive but I feel almost like a piece of me is missing without it.  I looked on the floor board of my car and there it sat..... the charger..... I couldn't drive and reach it so I had to wait.  As I waited I pondered the spiritual application here and it hit me over the head like a brick. WHAM!!  Here I sat with a phone that could connect me to anyone at anytime, it holds my calendar, gives me access to many different things in my life and it was about to die with a charger sitting just inches away.  I had to ask myself-- how many times have I sat just completely depleted of energy because I am  trying to handle everything  in my life and worry so much about what others think that I have no peace and yet my Bible - the love letter from my Lord, the "charger" of  my life,  just sits there inches away from me unopened.  The most convicting part here is often times I put more importance on charging my phone so that I am connected to life than I do "charging" myself spiritually so that I am connected to the creator of life.   I am always amazed when the Lord uses applications, seemingly so small yet so convicting.  I must look so pitiful to Him, yet He loves me.  Some days I still can't quite grasp why He would love my unloving self, yet He does.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

The school year has ended which is always bittersweet for me.  I love my students but I love my summers off too.  We have experienced quite a bit since I last wrote.  My dad had open heart surgery in April which he is recovering nicely from.  He is currently continuing the post surgery rehab.  I was able to fly to South Carolina to be with my mom and sisters while we waited for the surgery to be completed.  My nephew, Kendall graduated from high school which I was thankful to be able to attend the graduation party with family a week later. We did miss having Debbie, our youngest sister, with us though.   My sister, Sandy is a very gifted artist and while at her house I attended one of her art classes.  I had a great time and actually painted something that wasn't horrible. Ha!! We then went to Orlando to visit Chandler where he is currently on a 10 week mission type project.  We were thrilled to spend time with him and see his girlfriend Cathleen as well.  Of course you can't visit Orlando without going to a few Disney themed parks, so that we did.  We also went to Universal Studios which was a great time as well. Since then we have been spending hours in the pool with friends to avoid the heat and of course get to hang out and catch up with our friends.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just to remember

I haven't blogged in so long that I am pretty sure no one is reading this is purely a post for me to document the sweetest thing my hubby did for me.  I was at work one day and received an email from him with the words to a song and a youtube attached. 

 It was one of the sweetest things and it was all just to say He loved me.  There was no special anniversary or birthday just a sweet moment.

Love you honey,