Friday, July 25, 2008

Say what????

Hubby came home with his today and wow were the boys excited. Funny thing is I think he was just as excited so I am not sure who he bought it for. Just saying....
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun, Fun, Times

My kids love to know what is on the agenda for the day. Every morning when the little ones wake up they ask,"What's the plan, Mom?" I give them a list of things we are going to do that day and for some reason they love that I guess it is their own way of having order to their day. If we are going to deviate from the plan I try to warn them or they get upset and say "that is not in the plan!"

This past weekend when they woke up I told them there was no plan and to get in the car. I would be taking them to some suprise locations.( I really just made them up as I went along)

Our first stop was Starbucks where we actually went in and drank our Fraps, theirs was strawberries and Cream and mine Carmel. ( one of my serious weaknesses) We then drove about 25 mins to this really great park. I did a short bible lesson for them at the Gazebo and then away they went. My husband works for FedEx and this park has a neat little FedEx plane in it. They had a great time. Then I said it was time to go to the next place. Somehow they began calling each new stop, levels, so they said let's leave the park and go to level 3 and so we did. We went to Memere & Pepere's house where they picked blue berries and went swimming.

Then to Burger King(yuck) Where they could play and eat instead of just going through the drive thru. The last level was bowling what a blast. I had planned to do a movie too but I was tired after 7 hours so home we went. That was the beauty of not telling them exactly what we were doing. No one could hold me to it.:)

They were so cute telling daddy about their day. They had a blast and so did I.

Carson is very competitive so here is is not smiling because the score was 82-81 and he did not win. :)

My father in law has a few blueberry bushes. Every summer he picks them sometimes 3-4 hours a day.
This park was fabulous!

When they were at the park and BK I had an opportunity to read the study I am doing, No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter. What a great study. I know that Beth Moore is doing it online with thousands of women but I came in late so I am doing it on my own. It really is an eye opening and convicting study. So simple yet so profound!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Stuff

As I pointed out the very large glossy looking stomach carrying SIX babies probably about 7months pregnant of Kate (Jon & Kate plus 8) to my youngest children, Cameron, my youngest, yelled "Hey look Carson, That tummy is bigger than mommy's" Now I realize that could be perceived as sort of a compliment but when he said it what I heard was" Wow, I can't believe it Carson there is actually someone out there bigger than our big Mom" I can promise you my tummy is not that big. :) Silly kids sure know how to make their mom feel like a real beauty:)
I never know when it comes on but if I channel surf and see it we will watch it. If you do watch it you know exactly what I am talking about you know in the intro when she is in the hospital and probably having an ultra sound so she has all that jelly on her tummy.
Back to big tummies... My sisters and I are on a Journey to better health so we have started a new blog called (now do not laugh) Three hotties trapped in Fat bodies... I heard that laugh! We are just being silly and trying to use humor to tackle this really tough struggle and long journey we have ahead of us.
Changing the subject a bit. I wanted to wish my Nephew, Adam a very happy birthday. It was yesterday and he had to spend it in the desert, the VERY HOT desert. Thanks Adam for your service to our country. We love you.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chandler was held over for Regional pool and we were thrilled. The one bright spot in the weekend.
The only truth I seem to be able to grasp today is that I am Engraved in Him Palms and nothing I do, say, or feel can remove me. praise Jesus.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun times/Soccer

Carson's birthday is in May. This is an incredibly busy month for us so it seems if there is going to be anything then just a family get together it has to be later, in this case 2 months later. We had originally planned to have a pretty big back yard party when he decided he just wanted to have some friends spend the night. Now I know 6 year olds typically don't have sleep overs but I also have a 15 year old who always has friends over so my little ones are always begging to have friends spend the night. Well I told him two friends from soccer and two friends from school could come and so it was. Now we purposily had it last night knowing my oldest would be gone that way they wouldn't bug him and he wouldn't bug them. What I was not anticipating was that hubby would be gone as well. (I'll explain further into the post).
The kids ate pizza, then Carson opened presents, then of course they played with them. I gave the kids some little toys to thank them for coming one of which was the glow necklace's which they quickly cracked open and went outside in the dark to jump on the trampoline which was a really neat sight. We all watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and ate popcorn after the sleeping bags were layed out on the living room floor. I think the last kiddo went to sleep at 12:00am. Of course all were up by 6:45am and I being on WW and being the health conscience person I am offered them cake for breakfast. :) Now I also made waffles for them but some did eat cake as well. The kids were all gone by 9:30am and I am exhausted. It really was a really fun, easy, little get together. I really enjoyed hearing the conversations 6 year olds have with one another. Bodily functions seem to be the universal topic that cracks them up. So Silly :) Which reminds me that Carson went to a Soccer camp a month ago and he loved it but when you asked him what he favorite party of the whole week was he told us that it was when his friend taught him how to make "special noises" using him arm pit and hand. Yes bodily functions are a topic of comedy for sure for 6 year olds, boys in particular.

My oldest is at Regional Olympic Development Camp for Soccer. He is having a really great time. The state teams play games in the morning against each other and from those games the regional coaches select a few players from each state to play in pool games(combination games of players from each of the different states) He was selected to play in last night's pool game and we just found out tonight's as well. My husband took him to this camp which is at The University of Alabama and said he would stay to watch if he were selected to play. Of course since he was selected last night hubby stayed.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of him playing soccer. Even thought those two other players are on his back he still has his eye on the ball.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I"m so Cool


Well the air is fixed and I could not be happier. In case you were interested we bought one that looks like the first picture not the second one. We did not have room for the unit and the girl nor the money so we settled on the unit alone. :)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am SOOOO Hot!!!

And no I do not mean my looks:) My air conditioner was making a weird noise this week so I had someone come check it out. He said the compressor was on it's last leg and there was nothing he could do for it. It was still cooling so he said keep using it as long as it is cooling and when it stops give me a call and we will replace it to the sweet tune of $1850.00. Now I was still cool and fortunately my neighbor on the side of the air conditioning unit was not home so she couldn't be tortured by the awful schreeching noise it was making. The man left and I prayed that somehow we could wait til the fall to replace it. Well, I got my answer to my prayer today and it was a no. The warm air made it's way into our home at a speed faster than a race car and now at 10:30pm I am typing and sweating at the same time, I guess you could say I am multi-tasking:) It was about 97 today so that did not help things.

In thinking it over I feel like it is more of a test of faith for me today. We had a really great church sermon and morning so it was only appropriate to come home to some hot air to see what I was made of. Can I go with the flow and be thankful for the blessings I still have or am I only going to focus on being uncomfortable for a short while? So far my reaction has been pretty positive I hope I can keep it up. Isn't it typical though how easy it is to act in a Christ-like manner when I am surrounded by all things "comfortable" but the minute the comfort is disturbed it becomes so hard, how selfish of me. My nephew is living in 110 degree heat everyday in Iraq not to mention the 20lbs of extra clothes and gear he has to wear, people all over my town that are homeless have to find places to keep cool and I am inconvienced for probably a day or so and my lower lip comes out. Poor me! Father thank you that I have an air conditioner and that even thought it may be difficult to pay for you have given us the means to pay for it. Oh and I guess I should also thank you that I have a two story house and only the downstairs unit is broken so I could go upstairs to cool off if I want to.:) I was going to leave that one itty bitty piece of information out because the story of my sacrifice was so much better without it but it somehow it just seemed WRONG. haha

Be thankful for all things........


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hello again,,Hello

I am back. Yeah for my family as I know they have been tired of not hearing from me through my posts. The computer did crash thanks to several virus' then it did not help that I purchased an anti-virus program that was a virus itself and gave freely my credit card information. I have been a little anxious about that because I have seen no evidence of purchase but probably need to cancel the card. As I write this I am thinking how dumb that I haven't already cancelled it!!!

We went to North Carolina for Soccer regionals with my son's team where they made it to the quarter finals which was exciting. Then we went to Hilton Head, South Carolina for some relaxation at the beach. Then home only to leave the next day for Nashville for 2 more days. I have never been gone that long from home. It was busy but a lot of fun.

I have enjoyed lurking around and getting caught up on so many blogs. So many wonderful things happening to so many wonderful people. Some sad things that are hard to hear but neat to see how people are choosing to lean on the Lord to get through their pain. Tears flowed from my eyes as I read that Kelly is finally pregnant and doing well, and as I read Angie's blog about several mothers that have lost little ones met up at the deeper still conference this past weekend. And Lisa's post on selfishness wow!!! I can so relate!!! And Nester's computer down... oh the horror ( I have enjoyed her sister's guest posts though) and Kat's great news.. No Cancer! Isn't crazy how we can feel like we know someone so well and we haven't even met them in person? My husband laughs at me when I begin to tell him stories about some of you. He asks, "and who is this person?" Oh well the connections can run deep even if through a computer. :)
Happy fourth of July to all of you. We are heading to the drive in with the little ones.
Happy Anniversary to Helene and Bruce we love you guys!