Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I"m so Cool


Well the air is fixed and I could not be happier. In case you were interested we bought one that looks like the first picture not the second one. We did not have room for the unit and the girl nor the money so we settled on the unit alone. :)



petrii said...

So glad you're up and running again!! It was HOT HOT HOT in MO today!!

Have a GREAT evening,

Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I cannot even imagine a summer day in the South without a/c. Our electricity went out the other day for about 30-45 minutes and I thought THAT was rough! So glad you got it fixed!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for cool air!!!

Fran said...

You're a mess! :) A cool mess that is!

fortyb4forty said...

Enjoy the cool air and your new air conditioner.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you are back and cool!!!!! I hope everything works out with your computer and the credit card fiasco!

Meredith said...

Hope you weren't too disappointed by only getting the unit-LOL! Glad you are nice and cool again.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

hee-hee. Glad your A/C is up and running!

Kim said...

Good for you!!! There is NOTHING worse than being HOT...when the temps are HOT!!

Enjoy the cool.


MOM said...

So glad to see you are up and running again. Dad and I had a great time in England over the 4th. I can't imagine returning from vacation only to drive up to Nashville. I know you all had to be tired!! Hope summer soccer doesn't wear everyone out. I know you are enjoying your new A/C. Thank goodness it doesn't stay hot here in Germany for too many days in a row because NOTHING to include hospitals is air conditioned. Much Love, Mom

Paige said...

Just stopped by....love ya and thanks for praying!


Sandy said...

Hey sister,
I'm just catching up on my blog hopping since getting back from my painting convention. Didn't realize your air was out and am so glad that you didn't go with the unit with the girl!hehehe.
Carson and Cameron have gotten so big! Looks like the party was a lot of fun and I'm sure it was quite noisey!
Have a great week.
Love ya