Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow fun

WE have had some snow today. Typical for Memphis as one day this week it was 70 degrees and today it is below 30 and snow. Oh well.
I had an appointment for my hair and nails today and when I heard snow in the forecast I prayed really hard that it would hold off til I did those life altering appointments. Thank you Lord for caring about the little things in my life.

Chandler & Cathleen

Me and the boys

Cathleen and the boys.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They won, They won

Go Tigers........

Carson's team pulled off the win. It was such an exciting game. It went into overtime at 24-24. They didn't play in overtime they just shot free throws til someone missed, and the other team missed the last one so it ended up being 27-26. It was so much fun. We had only lost one game and it was to that team. They had lost none so they were pretty upset, just as I know our boys would have been had we lost. It was a great season with great kids, coaches, and parents.
Hope you have a great day in the Lord.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dedication and welcome home

Tonight is the big night. Carson's team is in the final game of the tournament. They have lost only one game this season and it was to the team we play tonight. Not to brag but just look at his dedication..... on game day he shoots 100 shots. David(aka,daddy and coach) told him to do this a while back. He fully expected him to shoot the shots and maybe make half of them. The first time he did this it took a while. What we found out was he wouldn't count them if he missed. So he was litterally shooting and making 100 baskets before he would be done. We are so proud of him.. Forget the sports ability that God has given him, He is just one great kid!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!!

Chandler made it home from Argentina. Doesn't he look excited..... This picture was taken after a 10 hour flight from Argentina to Dallas, a 2 hour layover, and then a final flight of 1 1/2 hours. He was so tired. He had a great time and we were thrilled to have him back. I'll do a post on it later.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Basketball fun

The "okay mom I'm smiling " pose

Then there is the "what I really want to look like" pose

Basketball season has been so much fun this year. What a difference a year makes.....
Last years record 1-0-13 We won the very last game and you would have thought we'd won theNCAA championshipthe way the boys acted. I loved it!!!

This years record 13-0-1 We have a little rec. tournament starting this week, should be fun.
I have enjoyed watching these little bodies run up and down the court and improve week to week. We were up 14-1 yesterday and a little boy on our team that has never scored a point made a basket. All of our parents and the coaches went crazy screaming and clapping. I am sure the other team and the parents and coaches thought we were crazy but it was a big thing for this little one and we wanted to cheer for him. He deserved it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chandler's on his way......

Driving to Cathleen's house for one last good-bye of course we were at a stop light for this picture :0

One last hug. Poor thing just had her tonsils out yesterday.

proud daddy and his boys

Texting Cathleen of course :)

proud momma and her boys!

One last picture and he was off to the gate Where I shed few tears.
There was a maintenance delay but only about 45 mins. and off he was.
And again I shed a few tears....
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letting go......

Wow what a downer my last post was!!!!! I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better. God has certainly proved himself faithful and true to his word. I just needed a few gentle reminders. Thank you for praying for me. You will never know this side of heaven how much it has meant. Thanks mom for all the encouragement. I love you!!

My heart is so full right now it is just bursting at the seams.
My oldest son, Chandler made the Region III Olympic Development team and they are leaving for Argentina this Friday. He will be gone 9 days. We are not going just him and his team. He has never been away from home more than about 5or6 days and we were there with him so he has never been away from us longer than 3 days. Am I worried you ask????? Absolutely 100% full of all the "what ifs" but God will see us all through this first time experience and I know we will be better for it after we get through it. Did I mention we are not going????? ugh!

The reason I am bursting at the seams......
I decided(like yesterday)that since I know Chandler is bound to be homesick I would ask family, former and current coaches, sunday school teachers, his girlfriend, some of his favorite teachers, (you get the picture) to send me an email encouraging Chandler. I am printing them off and putting them in a notebook to hide in his suitcase so he will be surpised when he gets there. The responses I have received have been incredible. I asked for nothing big maybe just a few sentences or a scripture but some have written several paragraphs. There are some that have made me laugh and the one I just finised reading from his school soccer coach (who is also an English major) made me cry. It was full of word pictures and beautiful words. It was wonderful. You are wondering how this will be a suprise if I am writing about it... No worries, he never reads my blog. Sweet Cathleen, his girlfriend, has read it before but she is in on the suprise so she won't tell.
I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he begins to read them.. Did I mention we aren't going??

Here is a recent picture of him and Cathleen from last Saturday's Valentine dance. Did I mention that we don't get to go to Argentina. Not that it's bothering me or anything. :)

As the Lord leads please pray for him and for us.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What to do

I have been asking myself lately what to do when you come to a crossroads. One road is scary, dark, somewhat selfinflicted, and lonely and lives in the present. The other road is full of light, warmth, and love and lives in the past. Do you stay in the past because it is comfortable and just live in denial or do you move ahead with the road that is very uncomfortable?
I don't like change. I really don't like being alone either. Right now I am going through a lot of change and feeling very much alone. I know that the God who created me is with me and I am trying to find comfort in that knowledge because I don't feel it. I am wondering if he even hears my prayers through my all my sins, confessed and unconfessed. Am I worthy of all he has to offer when I am so selfish and seem to only tap into what He has for me when I am in need.
My head tells me to dive into His word but my body just wants sit and do nothing.
I often wonder how I got where I am but I guess it's like the Casting Crowns song says.. It's a slow fade.. People never crumble in a day.... Maybe I have accepted a little of what the world offers bit by bit? Maybe it is the lack of work on the part of myself to strenthen relationships not only with the Lord but with others because it is too much work? Whatever it is I know only he can give me peace and life. I know I won't find it in people or things. I just want my heart to feel what my head knows. I want what my pastor used to tell us, to believe in the dark what He has shown me in the light.

Am I making any sense? If so pray for me, if not pray for me.

UPDATE...... As I pushed the publish post button my son's girlfriends mother called to say she and my son, Chandler had been in a wreck... Everyone is okay. God reveiling himself to me????