Friday, February 13, 2009

Chandler's on his way......

Driving to Cathleen's house for one last good-bye of course we were at a stop light for this picture :0

One last hug. Poor thing just had her tonsils out yesterday.

proud daddy and his boys

Texting Cathleen of course :)

proud momma and her boys!

One last picture and he was off to the gate Where I shed few tears.
There was a maintenance delay but only about 45 mins. and off he was.
And again I shed a few tears....
Have a great weekend.


Kim said...

Bless your heart. I was in Sandy's class on Thursday when you called. I'm sure he'll be fine, probably a lot better than you! I remember when Stephanie went to Brazil on a mission trip and Ashley left for Europe, twice. It is truly a sinking feeling and part of their growing up and us letting go. The good news is, although we have to let go, God is bridging the gap holding our children's hands and ours at the same time. FYI - I gave you a 'shout-out' in a new blog I started...AMy Journey through God's Grace. Hugs ~ KIm

Jennifer said...

What a great opportunity for your son!

BTW, your hair looks fabulous in the pics! :)

MOM said...

I checked my e-mail and nothing so I thought I would check the BLOG. My prayers were answered. I am so thankful he is getting this experience. I have all concerned prayer covered. Have a good week!!

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for Chandler. He will be fine and is
in God's hands. He will have so much to tell you when he gets back
(after he tells Kathleen, of course). Let me know when he lets
you know he has arrived and also when he gets back home.
Love, Grandma

Sandy said...

Hey sister,
Keep us posted on how he is doing! I'm sure he'll get to call you??
Have a wonderful week!

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh gosh - I'd shed a few tears, too. I will be keeping you ALL in my thoughts and prayers.

petrii said...

What cute pictures!!! Keep us update on how Chandler is doing. How exciting for him!!

BTW I love your hair. So cute!!

Have a Blessed evening,