Saturday, June 30, 2007

I can't believe it!!!!

Well as I have posted before my son's soccer team is at regionals in Oklahoma this week. The team goal was to get there and do the best they could but never really expecting to do too well considering it was the first year for them. They competed in Disney showcase during Thanksgiving last year and played some really good teams and did not to too well so we sort of expected them to have a "Disney" week. My dh called today and they played the Florida State cup winners and really played a great game they lost 2-1 but it was an exciting game. My son scored our goal which was nice to hear and of course my dh did not want to lug around the video camera so I will just have to hear about it and visualize it for myself. The team went on to play a Texas team. Now if any of you know soccer Texas is a huge soccer state. They have some really great teams. We of course expected to get skunked but they were able to pull out a 1-0 win. I was on the phone with my dh during the last 4 minutes of the game and when the final whislte blew it was as if I was there because I screamed right along with all of our team, right into my dh's ear which I am sure he appreaciated. They play tomorrow at 1:00. I can't wait to hear how they do. By the way, the rain did stop today. The first game they played on a type of astro turf. The second game was on a field that was full of mud. When you have dad's washing uniforms you know it had to be bad. I know my son has come home before from tournaments having worn the same uniform for four games without being washed, so if the dads are washing the uniforms they must look horrible. Did I mention that they are white uniforms? After this week they will probably be off white. Oh well, exciting times for the team. The picture posted here is from the State cup. Chandler scoring with his hip. I wanted to put it on during the State cup but I did not know how to then, So here it is now. I just love the intensity on his face. One of the dad's of a team mate of Chandler's used to work for National Geograhpic and he takes the best action shots. I am in awe of the shots he got during State.
My sister and her family arrives tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing them. I think I have everything ready to have company but it hasn't been easy with the two little ones wanting my constant attention, Dallas, our Lab puppy, continuing to use the playroom as a bathroom and dumb me starting several projects at the same time but not even finishing one of them. Sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from crying. Thankfully we will go to church tomorrow and I can't wait to find out what the Lord is going to teach me.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I am back

Well I did not want to post until I got my pictures back from our trip to Hilton Head, SC but I could not stand it so my vacation stories will have to wait I just had to post about life right now.

We got back from Hilton Head and the next day my dh and oldest son flew to Oklahoma for Soccer Regionals. I have been told that the town they are in is on its 19th day of rain. It is wet and soggy. In fact a my friend Kim told me that it was mentioned that helicopters were going to put on or over the fields to try to get them somewhat dried out. Regardless they are playing as long as there is no lightning. My son's first game is at 3:00 today and I know they are nervous. They really are excited to have gotten this far and anything else would be gravy. (My dh just called and said the game has been delayed and one of the previous games was called after half time. He also said the helicopters did try to dry out the fields and as soon as they left a horrible rain storm started)

I really miss them when they are gone. I like having everyone here at home. My dh is an awesome father he is very hands on. He plays catch with my middle son just about everyday.
He pitches to him and my son is so intense about it and he is only 5. My dh told him that mommies can play catch too and that I would play with him when daddy was out of town. Well what I did not know was that I was going to need full body protection!! I threw the first pitch to him and he hit it so hard that had I not dropped to the ground it would have hit me square in the nose and probably would have knocked me out. From that moment on I pitched the ball and ducked. I'm sure if any of the neighbors saw us they found it very interesting and quit amusing. :)

My sister Sandy and her husband are arriving for a quick visit this Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Hopefully we will get a quick shopping fix in and possibly a workout. Speaking of workout..... I do not look like it but I do love to exercise. I have been addicted to going to the gym for about 3 years now. ( perfect proof that you cannot eat whatever you want and exercise and lose weight) I think I just maintained until I went on weight watchers. My spin teacher is always telling us it really does matter what you put in your mouth!!! Having said all that, for various reasons I have not been able to go for 6 weeks. I decided yesterday was the day to return. I did not even wait til Monday ( insert pat on the back) Of course the class that I made my come back in was BOOT CAMP just saying the word is work:) It is every bit as hard as it sounds. An hour and a half!! I still feel like I have been run over by a truck. Everything hurts. I returned this morning to a spin class and tried to work through the soreness but it was hard. If I sit still for more than 10 minutes I have a hard time getting up and walking. It felt really good while I was in class and I am glad to be back but boy it has been a hard 24 hours.

I have to give a big thank you to my in laws for giving me some much needed time to go to the store yesterday by myself. The kids stayed and played and swam. When I walked in the door I saw the first aid kit on the counter and I immediately questioned who got hurt and it was of all people my father in law. My youngest was jumping in his arms and his teeth hit his pepere's nose and the bridge of his nose was bleeding. All was well though as soon as the band-aid was applied.

Mom and Dad hope you are having a great time in Paris. I am sure we will connect when you get home.

To my sweet friend... Faith BELIEVES in spite of the circumstances and ACTS in spite of the consequences. ( Dr. Rogers)


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cousin fun and traveling

We are on our way to Hilton Head, SCarolina today and fortunately for us my sister Sandy lives not too far from there so we stopped for a short visit and to break up the long trip. We are also picking up one of my nephews so that my oldest son will have someone closer to his age to "hang out" with. There are nine and ten years difference between my oldest and younger two so having my nephew will really make it fun for Chandler. We were able to visit with Sandy and my other sister Debbie over a wonderful home cooked meal:) I hate that I live so far from them but it nice that when I come I get to see both of them. Since all the grandkids were together from my side of the family we decided to try :) and get a picture of them and here is what we came up with. Sweet Hannah in the middle fits right in with all 6 boy cousins and her brother. Thanks to my sister, Sandy, I was able to change the appearance of my blog and actually add a picture. If I can remember I will hopefully add more in the future.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I wanted to wish my in-laws a wonderful anniversary today. They have been married for 54 years. In this day and age that is a huge deal. We love you and hope you have a great day:)
I know that next year for the 55th they are off to Hawaii. Their four kids and families threw a big 5oth for them and I can hardly believe it is almost time for 55.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Bruce

Almost forgot to wish my brother in law a happy birthday. I am sure it was not one of the best birthdays as he had to attend a funeral and my sister in law, Helene is out of town. We did get to celebrate yesterday at my mother in laws house with some Hershey Bar pie. Bruce is a really great guy who is ready and willing to help any one in need. He is fantastic at building things. He and his brother built a really big story book and some decorative benches that are in one of the local libraries. He won't take credit for his work but every time someone mentions this library I am quick to let them know that my brother in law did some work in there. They are real pieces of art. Hope you had a great day Uncle Bruce.

Change doesn't always feel so great

I just got off the phone with my neighbor and good friend Dawn. She is the wife of Dan who we had a welcome home party for last Saturday. She just told me that they are moving. Not like in a few months or year but in a few weeks to another state. I have not even known her for a full year but going to bible study together , having kids that are about the same age, and helping each other out with the kids on a moments notice have really bound us together. I will pray for them as they make this transistion but I have to admit I am selfishly feeling sorry for me. I will miss her and those kids, especially the two younger ones. As I got off the phone with her I asked the Lord what is it you are doing in her life? After all she is the one moving and movement means work, right? I am just staying here like I have always been. He quickly reminded me that he is working in my life through her move as well. I was already sad about another change taking place in my life and that was my son's friend from his soccer team is going to be leaving the team to play football. ( he is an awesome kicker and I am sure we will see him in the pros one day:) I have only known his family for a year also and I just love them, their kids are incredible and I love getting to see them on a regular basis. Even though they will still be in school together I know it won't be the same. All of this change combined with another dear friend going through a really rough time has had me a little down lately. I have to remind myself of the verse in Malachi 3:6, I the Lord do not change. It is so comforting to know that while we have to go through change, often to draw us closer to the Lord, He himself, the God of the universe never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. While I am still sad I take great comfort in this verse and know that He cares about me and will see me through.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all Dads out there. Especially to my dad, father in law, and husband each one of you are so special to me and have played an important part in shaping me into who I am today. :) I love you!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Worth posting

I just love this blog. I read the following quote on it a few minutes ago. It was the answer that a pastor gave when asked about regrets.
"Getting to the next thing without fully entering the thing in front of me. I cannot think of a single advantage I’ve ever gained from being in a hurry. But a thousand broken and missed things, tens of thousands, lie in the wake of all the rushing. Through all that haste, I thought I was making up time. It turns out I was throwing it away.”

How profound and true. I am going to pray that the Lord will help me to "fully enter the thing in front of me" so that I may not to throw away time.

Busy Saturday

What a great day. Busy but great. Our neighborhood had a block party for a neighbor that returned from Irag a few weeks ago. It was really nice. The kids were running through sprinklers, and a slip n slide. Grills were being used, pasta salad, watermelon, and desserts all present and wonderful. :) One of the neighbors had a sign made that said Welcome home Dan our hero and had the Navy Sign right in the middle of it, we honoured his wife, Dawn with a plant to remember our neighborhood and let her know we are proud of how she had to hold down the fort while he was gone. Sometimes we forget just how difficult that is and how they have to readjust to life with each other present everyday. The local paper came out and took pictures. It was a really sweet time. As nice as it was to welcome him home we now have to send off my nephew Adam and I am not looking forward to seeing him go. Of course I know his parents can't be too crazy about him leaving either. My family, on both sides, is very supportive of our troops but it will be hard to see him leave. So, prayfully we will have a welcome home party for him in the very near future.
Dh and number one son are out of town for his Olympic Development training in soccer this weekend. I sure hate it when they are gone. I know he is having a great time and learning a lot just hate that they are gone for Father's day. They will be in late tomorrow evening. I did manage to get the kids to bed very early after all of the activity today and now I believe I am going to settle down for the evening and watch my favorite movie, Sweet Home Alabama, which is something I do when dh is out of town. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I have seen it.hehe I really should just go to bed myself or at least lay out all the clothes for church tomorrow but I doubt I will do either. I will mad at myself in the morning when I am rushing trying to get the church on time but then it would not be Sunday morning here in our home if there was not a little excitement before church. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I want to wish my nephew, Kendall a happy birthday today. He is my sister's son and a really great kid. He is a gifted athlete and excells at really any sport he has tried. He just finished his soccer season with a broken arm. Instead of soccer this fall he will start playing basketball. On top of this he is an excellant student. We are very proud of you Kendall have a great day.

This week has just flown by. I guess that is indicative of what the summer will be like, over before we know it. I love the summer. We have been so busy though that it really seems like my kids are still in school. I am still driving all over the place. To the horror of my teenage son, we get to stay home today. YEAH!! I love days like this. We don't have to be anywhere so if we do leave it will be because we chose to and we get to pick the place to go. I am going to go to Weight Watchers today. I have got to get back on track. I lost 20lbs and have put back on 9. So frustrating. I have the greatest leader her name is Jan and she really is very motivating. I think my failure in this area is due to selfishness. I want to eat what I want when I want it there is absolutely no self denial when it comes to my food choices. In a nut shell I know how to eat healthy but I choose the junk anyway. I really have at least 20 excuses but the bottom line is that none of them are valid. Any one with this same problem will understand that the cycle goes like this, happy to eat what I want when I am eating it...angry that I did, and beat myself angry I will just eat again to ease the feelings....a couple of days of self control and then a reward for the self control FOOD. This is the thorn in my flesh and has been for years. Gluttony pure and simple. I know it is not the Lord's desire for me to live in this bondage or any bondage for that matter. I know that He can and will deliver me from this if but only if I am a willing participant so for now...This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. ( and I will go to weight watchers and begin again)

Monday, June 11, 2007

3 time State Champions

I can't believe it our team did it the third year in a row. It was an awesome game. You really could not say that one team had the advantage because it really went back and forth. They had a great team. We were 0-0 at the end of the game and went to two 10 minute overtimes still 0-0 then went to Penalty Kicks. One of their players hit the crossbar and it went out and our keeper saved one. Our players, including Chandler, made their pk's. I have a horrible headache right now from screaming so much. Now we are off to Oklahoma for regionals.
One thing I have always done with my son before every game is pray. We prayed this morning as usual. As soon as he walked out of the room I immediatly called him back in and said you may go into pk's, lets specifically pray for our goalie if that happens. I so totally believe that God's wants to give us the desire of our hearts if it works to glorify Him. Thankfully His answers these past three years have been yes because yes's are always more fun at least at first. No's are harder to take because you know without a doubt that character building or a humbling process is taking place or he has something better in store for you, which of course you don't figure out until a reflection period takes place and you have this "ah hah" moment where you hit yourself on the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" Of course we all know it's because He is God and we are not. Enough rambling now. I really think I need a couple of advil and a good night sleep.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

State Champions?????? We will see.

Well we won our game tonight 2-0. It was awesome. My son scored the first goal. Our team had a corner kick and he used his whole body to get that ball in the net. It was beautiful and one of our team dads caught it on camera. Hopefully I will learn real quick how to post pictures and get them on here. We will play in the championship game tomorrow morning at 10:00. The good thing is we are now qualified for regionals in Oklahoma. This is really cool as it was a team goal that the kids had this year. We just hope that we will be going as the Tennesse State champions. We will find out tomorrow.


Today is my nephew's 18'th birthday. He just graduated from high school. He is very talented musically. I haven't heard him often as he lives in Georgia but I do love to hear him play his guitar. He has the greatest dark curly hair. Hope you have a great day John-Paul. We love you.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Off to the Semi finals

Well, we tied the first game we played 3-3. It was a tough game and we lead until the last two minutes when they scored their third goal. The second game we won 2-0. It was great! Our boys looked a little tired during the first half of the second game but boy they woke up for the second half and did what they had to do to win. I don't know who gets more nervous, the parents or the kids:) My good friend Jessica and her daughter Rachel came to watch and cheer which was really sweet so did my son's "friend girl". I was worried he would be distracted by her but he was able to focus on the game and talk to her afterwards. Tomorrow we play at 4:00. I will let you know how it goes.


A big happy birthday to my brother in law Matt. He lives in Georgia with my youngest sister and their two beautiful children. Hope you have a great day Matt.

Today is a big day for my son's soccer team. We begin the State cup this morning at 9:00. Our team has won this title the last two years and even though we are all very grateful to have done that we would still like to see the team win it for the third time. The team goal this year was to make it to regionals and with the state title we are secured a spot for the trip to Oklahoma. My son and several of the other players had their hair buzzed and then had to team logo cut out on the back of their head. I really liked his grown out hair and now he is practically bald. Oh well, after all it is just hair. I am really looking forward to the logo growing out though :) I hate to get anxious about a game but boy they are fun to watch. Something I started years ago with my son was to pray before every game. We truly know that God's will will be done in everything, including soccer games, sometimes if I can make myself remember that it makes losing a little easier to swallow seeing that we know that we prayed and God answered. He always answers. Maybe not the way we want him to but indeed he does always answer. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank you Service Men/Welcome Home Dan

I just want to say a quick thanks to all of our service men for the jobs that they do individually and coorporatly to protect our freedom and our country. I grew up in a military home. Daughter and now daughter-in-law of proud Marines. I was fondly referred to as a "Military Brat" which was fine with me. Some friends thought that with a Marine for a father I must have had to pass a "white glove" test when it came to cleaning, that as a family we had to stand in line for meals and that my home was run on a tight ship. Well it could not have been further from the truth. My dad did a good job of leaving work at work. We never had to salute him or say whoo-rah:). Not only do we have Marines in the family I have a brother in law in the Air Force, one that is a retired Navy man, one that was in the Army, and Nephew in the Army now who is set to be deployed over seas this summer( please keep him in your prayers). Needless to say we are a family that is thankful for the sacrifices made by our service men.
The reason I am reflecting on all of this is that our neighbor just made is back from Iraq yesterday. He and his family had not lived here very long when he was deployed so I did not get to know him very well but I have gotten to know his wife, Dawn and their 4 kids through out these past 15 months and I adore them. She has done an excellent job having to be mom and dad and holding down the fort while he was gone. I have so enjoyed having her as my new friend. We went to bible study together on Tuesdays this past year and I have had her watch my two youngest and I have been able to help out with her kids as well. They are set to be transferred in December and I know that will be hard for me. As much as I support our military I knew that after moving so much as a youngster I wanted to stay in one place as an adult and that is what I have done. So I am not really used to having friends move away. One time my "heart friend" moved away and I was devestated but she has since moved back.(thankfully) I know when this family moves I may never see them again and that makes me so sad but I thank God for putting them in my path for this season.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Hoping my Father-in-Law has a wonderful birthday. We celebrated yesterday but today is his actual birthday.
We are starting swimming lessons today. My 5 and 3 yr old are going. If you ask my youngest if he is excited about swimming lessons he says yes but I am going to sink cause I don't know how to swim, he is the comic relief in our home.
My oldest is on a competitive soccer team. His team is preparing for the State cup. It begins Saturday the 9th. They have won the last two years so the pressure is on to continue the streak. God has certainly blessed him with his talent in this sport. I love to watch him play. He has a wonderful Christian coach and we have been blessed to have a very good group of boys along with wonderful parents. They will have light practices this week compared to the two a days last week.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another busy day

Well today was another busy day in our household just as I am sure it is in most homes with preschoolers and teenagers. :) It started out really nice with my dh making a trip to Starbucks to get me a Carmel Frap. and then to the store to get some Krispy Kream donuts both items use up so many points on weight watchers that we don't even count them. :)We had a guest preacher at church today. His name is Danny Akin. He really delivered a wonderful sermon. Talked a lot about finishing the race strong. One comment that he made that I have heard before but was a gentle reminder was that if we fix our eyes on Jesus we will not be let down. He will never fail us, people, however, will. Our expectations have to be on Jesus. I know I let people down all the time. I never intend to it just happens. I wish I could be everything to everyone but I can't and I need to let myself off the hook sometimes. On the other hand there I times I cut myself too much slack I think there is supposed to be a healthy balance there somewhere just have not found it.

We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday today with cake and ice cream at their home. Per my f-I-law's request my mother-in-law made a cake that his mother used to make for him as a child. It had a brown sugar and nuts as a filliing it was really good. The kids swam for a little while with Aunt Helene and their Memere(they are French-Canadian so they are called Memere and Pepere, French for grandmother and grandfather) and as always when I go over there I get to relax. My in-laws are really good about telling me to just sit and rest maybe read or take a brief nap and as soon as the cleaning up is done I do just that. My F-in-Law is a Master Gardner and has beautifully landscaped his property so a lot of times I will just walk around and look at all the pretty flowers and plants. I find that very relaxing.
Well it is getting time to put the little ones to bed.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Finally I did it!!

After much encouragement from my sister sandy to create a blog here it is. I actually already created one a couple of months ago but I seem to have misplaced it. ( typical of my life:) ) I am sure it will take me a while to figure everything out as I am totally computer illerate. You probably won't see any pictures for a while. I so enjoy lurking at other people's blogs. I have learned some decorating tips, seen scrapbook pages, read sad stories, happy stories and seen a lot of great pictures. It has been almost like watching a soap opera on TV or reading a book series where you feel like you know the characters and wonder what they might be doing or how they would handle a certain situation. I feel like that with "blog lurking". My dh thinks I am crazy when I show him cute pictures of someone elses kid. :) Anyway, enough rambling. I am looking forward to continuing on this Journey of my life and now hopefully sharing it with who ever might be inclined to listen. ( I have to share that during this posting I have wiped a tiny hiney, picked up a dead bird that my Lab puppy, Dallas, decided to lay on outside and took a phone call from an overwhelmed friend. Life as usual)