Friday, June 29, 2007

I am back

Well I did not want to post until I got my pictures back from our trip to Hilton Head, SC but I could not stand it so my vacation stories will have to wait I just had to post about life right now.

We got back from Hilton Head and the next day my dh and oldest son flew to Oklahoma for Soccer Regionals. I have been told that the town they are in is on its 19th day of rain. It is wet and soggy. In fact a my friend Kim told me that it was mentioned that helicopters were going to put on or over the fields to try to get them somewhat dried out. Regardless they are playing as long as there is no lightning. My son's first game is at 3:00 today and I know they are nervous. They really are excited to have gotten this far and anything else would be gravy. (My dh just called and said the game has been delayed and one of the previous games was called after half time. He also said the helicopters did try to dry out the fields and as soon as they left a horrible rain storm started)

I really miss them when they are gone. I like having everyone here at home. My dh is an awesome father he is very hands on. He plays catch with my middle son just about everyday.
He pitches to him and my son is so intense about it and he is only 5. My dh told him that mommies can play catch too and that I would play with him when daddy was out of town. Well what I did not know was that I was going to need full body protection!! I threw the first pitch to him and he hit it so hard that had I not dropped to the ground it would have hit me square in the nose and probably would have knocked me out. From that moment on I pitched the ball and ducked. I'm sure if any of the neighbors saw us they found it very interesting and quit amusing. :)

My sister Sandy and her husband are arriving for a quick visit this Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing them again. Hopefully we will get a quick shopping fix in and possibly a workout. Speaking of workout..... I do not look like it but I do love to exercise. I have been addicted to going to the gym for about 3 years now. ( perfect proof that you cannot eat whatever you want and exercise and lose weight) I think I just maintained until I went on weight watchers. My spin teacher is always telling us it really does matter what you put in your mouth!!! Having said all that, for various reasons I have not been able to go for 6 weeks. I decided yesterday was the day to return. I did not even wait til Monday ( insert pat on the back) Of course the class that I made my come back in was BOOT CAMP just saying the word is work:) It is every bit as hard as it sounds. An hour and a half!! I still feel like I have been run over by a truck. Everything hurts. I returned this morning to a spin class and tried to work through the soreness but it was hard. If I sit still for more than 10 minutes I have a hard time getting up and walking. It felt really good while I was in class and I am glad to be back but boy it has been a hard 24 hours.

I have to give a big thank you to my in laws for giving me some much needed time to go to the store yesterday by myself. The kids stayed and played and swam. When I walked in the door I saw the first aid kit on the counter and I immediately questioned who got hurt and it was of all people my father in law. My youngest was jumping in his arms and his teeth hit his pepere's nose and the bridge of his nose was bleeding. All was well though as soon as the band-aid was applied.

Mom and Dad hope you are having a great time in Paris. I am sure we will connect when you get home.

To my sweet friend... Faith BELIEVES in spite of the circumstances and ACTS in spite of the consequences. ( Dr. Rogers)



justabeachkat said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're always welcome. Thanks too for your sweet comment.

I enjoyed my visit at your blog and will return.


Sandy McTier said...

We'll see you Sunday! Looking forward to it. Can't wait to see your vacation pics.