Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cousin fun and traveling

We are on our way to Hilton Head, SCarolina today and fortunately for us my sister Sandy lives not too far from there so we stopped for a short visit and to break up the long trip. We are also picking up one of my nephews so that my oldest son will have someone closer to his age to "hang out" with. There are nine and ten years difference between my oldest and younger two so having my nephew will really make it fun for Chandler. We were able to visit with Sandy and my other sister Debbie over a wonderful home cooked meal:) I hate that I live so far from them but it nice that when I come I get to see both of them. Since all the grandkids were together from my side of the family we decided to try :) and get a picture of them and here is what we came up with. Sweet Hannah in the middle fits right in with all 6 boy cousins and her brother. Thanks to my sister, Sandy, I was able to change the appearance of my blog and actually add a picture. If I can remember I will hopefully add more in the future.


MOM said...

Great Picture of all the grandchildren. I think we have a race between Chandler and Austin on who will be the tallest. Have fun on vacation all of you. It was great to see you all in May. BLOG looks great. PICs are terrific!!!!!!

Kim said...

Your site is beautiful and all of the children are so precious! Sandy is just too smart isn't she?!? Hope you have a great time and be sure to post LOTS of pictures when you get home! Be safe! Hugs, Kim

MOM said...

I'm having withdrawals. I know you are in Hilton Head but I check your BLOG everyday to see how your trip has been. Guess I'll have to wait a few more days. Hop eyou had a GREAT time!!!!
Love ya all,