Monday, June 4, 2007


Hoping my Father-in-Law has a wonderful birthday. We celebrated yesterday but today is his actual birthday.
We are starting swimming lessons today. My 5 and 3 yr old are going. If you ask my youngest if he is excited about swimming lessons he says yes but I am going to sink cause I don't know how to swim, he is the comic relief in our home.
My oldest is on a competitive soccer team. His team is preparing for the State cup. It begins Saturday the 9th. They have won the last two years so the pressure is on to continue the streak. God has certainly blessed him with his talent in this sport. I love to watch him play. He has a wonderful Christian coach and we have been blessed to have a very good group of boys along with wonderful parents. They will have light practices this week compared to the two a days last week.
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Sandy McTier said...

Happy Birthday Pepere ~ from the McTier's. Can't wait to come and swim in your pool this summer.hehehe

Linda, tell Ms. Holly the boys all said hello ~ they all still remember her ~ even Holland. I think he does because they share the same name!

Have a great week.
Love ya

Kim said...

Hi Linda, I feel like I know you through Sandy (one of her students)! I'm so glad you joined our blogworld! Come by and visit my blog sometime! Looking forward to reading your posts! Kim