Sunday, June 10, 2007

State Champions?????? We will see.

Well we won our game tonight 2-0. It was awesome. My son scored the first goal. Our team had a corner kick and he used his whole body to get that ball in the net. It was beautiful and one of our team dads caught it on camera. Hopefully I will learn real quick how to post pictures and get them on here. We will play in the championship game tomorrow morning at 10:00. The good thing is we are now qualified for regionals in Oklahoma. This is really cool as it was a team goal that the kids had this year. We just hope that we will be going as the Tennesse State champions. We will find out tomorrow.


Sandy McTier said...

That is awesome! I hope you can all get some rest tonight and not worry about what is going to happen tomorrow at 10a.m. We hope it's TN State Champions though!!
Call me and let me know.

MOM said...

We checked the BLOG first this this AM. Pop Pop and Nana are watching the clock and checking the BLOG to see how the team does. Way to go Chandler, Way to go!!! We are looking forward to seeing the picture.
Love to all,

MOM said...

Pop Pop and Nana are sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the score. It is 6 P.M. here in Germany and I commented to Dad that the game should be over. Dad said it is only 11 A.M. in Tennessee so I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. GO RUSH!!! Go Chandler!!!!!!!!!!!!