Friday, June 1, 2007

Finally I did it!!

After much encouragement from my sister sandy to create a blog here it is. I actually already created one a couple of months ago but I seem to have misplaced it. ( typical of my life:) ) I am sure it will take me a while to figure everything out as I am totally computer illerate. You probably won't see any pictures for a while. I so enjoy lurking at other people's blogs. I have learned some decorating tips, seen scrapbook pages, read sad stories, happy stories and seen a lot of great pictures. It has been almost like watching a soap opera on TV or reading a book series where you feel like you know the characters and wonder what they might be doing or how they would handle a certain situation. I feel like that with "blog lurking". My dh thinks I am crazy when I show him cute pictures of someone elses kid. :) Anyway, enough rambling. I am looking forward to continuing on this Journey of my life and now hopefully sharing it with who ever might be inclined to listen. ( I have to share that during this posting I have wiped a tiny hiney, picked up a dead bird that my Lab puppy, Dallas, decided to lay on outside and took a phone call from an overwhelmed friend. Life as usual)


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Sandy McTier said...

YAHOO!!! Finally!!!
I cannot wait to see all the cute photos of your boys, pictures of your gorgeous home,and read your funny stories! I'm so glad you've joined the blog world and now you've gotta keep it up ~ between all the chaos of life! Love ya sis!