Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Thank you Service Men/Welcome Home Dan

I just want to say a quick thanks to all of our service men for the jobs that they do individually and coorporatly to protect our freedom and our country. I grew up in a military home. Daughter and now daughter-in-law of proud Marines. I was fondly referred to as a "Military Brat" which was fine with me. Some friends thought that with a Marine for a father I must have had to pass a "white glove" test when it came to cleaning, that as a family we had to stand in line for meals and that my home was run on a tight ship. Well it could not have been further from the truth. My dad did a good job of leaving work at work. We never had to salute him or say whoo-rah:). Not only do we have Marines in the family I have a brother in law in the Air Force, one that is a retired Navy man, one that was in the Army, and Nephew in the Army now who is set to be deployed over seas this summer( please keep him in your prayers). Needless to say we are a family that is thankful for the sacrifices made by our service men.
The reason I am reflecting on all of this is that our neighbor just made is back from Iraq yesterday. He and his family had not lived here very long when he was deployed so I did not get to know him very well but I have gotten to know his wife, Dawn and their 4 kids through out these past 15 months and I adore them. She has done an excellent job having to be mom and dad and holding down the fort while he was gone. I have so enjoyed having her as my new friend. We went to bible study together on Tuesdays this past year and I have had her watch my two youngest and I have been able to help out with her kids as well. They are set to be transferred in December and I know that will be hard for me. As much as I support our military I knew that after moving so much as a youngster I wanted to stay in one place as an adult and that is what I have done. So I am not really used to having friends move away. One time my "heart friend" moved away and I was devestated but she has since moved back.(thankfully) I know when this family moves I may never see them again and that makes me so sad but I thank God for putting them in my path for this season.


Kim said...

GREAT post! Our family is a family of military service as well. My father-in-law, brother-in-law, & husband were Marines and our son is in his 6th year serving in the Air National Guard. I am so thankful for the time they served and for all of our servicemen and servicewomen around the world who protect our freedoms. YOu and I seem to have so much in common. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for your comment on mine. Hugs ~ Kim

Sandy McTier said...

Lovely post sis!
The military life sure has been good to me and we've been fortunate with our assignments.
Love ya