Saturday, June 9, 2007


A big happy birthday to my brother in law Matt. He lives in Georgia with my youngest sister and their two beautiful children. Hope you have a great day Matt.

Today is a big day for my son's soccer team. We begin the State cup this morning at 9:00. Our team has won this title the last two years and even though we are all very grateful to have done that we would still like to see the team win it for the third time. The team goal this year was to make it to regionals and with the state title we are secured a spot for the trip to Oklahoma. My son and several of the other players had their hair buzzed and then had to team logo cut out on the back of their head. I really liked his grown out hair and now he is practically bald. Oh well, after all it is just hair. I am really looking forward to the logo growing out though :) I hate to get anxious about a game but boy they are fun to watch. Something I started years ago with my son was to pray before every game. We truly know that God's will will be done in everything, including soccer games, sometimes if I can make myself remember that it makes losing a little easier to swallow seeing that we know that we prayed and God answered. He always answers. Maybe not the way we want him to but indeed he does always answer. :)


Sandy McTier said...

Hope Chans team wins! TAKE pics of the hairdo!

MOM said...

We hope Matt had a great birthday. We called and sang Happy Birthday on the answering machine. Go Chandler GO!!!!!!!!