Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello WW, it's me again.

Okay, so today I rejoined WW for like the umpteenth time. My husband and I went right after church. He weighed and joined and I did the same and stayed for the meeting. I really like my Thurs. leader but I just can't seem to make it on Thurs. with work and all. This leader was someone I had not seen or heard before. I enjoyed the meeting. She was talking about the negative mindset we all seem to have concerning diets and that the WW way is to change that mindset to a way of life not a diet. One of the ladies in the class said our mindset might be that a diet is deprivation but the WW side says that our choices are limitless. I began to really ponder on that word deprivation and it occurred to me that a diet really is deprivation. Not necessarily deprivation of food but deprivation of the comfort and emotional security that food often times brings to those of us who struggle in this area. I believe it would be the same for a shop aholic. Once this person decides to change his/her lifestyle by cutting out shopping in excess they too may struggle with the "high" if you will that shopping brings them. All of us have a void in our lives that only the Father can fill. I know I am so guilty of trying to fill it with food. An example of this was a recent trip to the grocery with all three kids, I believe they fought the entire time. I had to correct them on numerous occasions. I bought a candy bar and once I got to the car I ripped it open and ate it as fast as I possibly could. It brought comfort for a few minutes then guilt. I pray that this time around on WW I will identify the hunger that comes from emotions and that when I do I will take it straight to the Father. If I find comfort in other things or if I just keep busy so that I won't eat then I am only masking the problem and or filling the void with something else. I am going to do my best to lay this idol (and thorn in my flesh)down once and for all at the Father's feet. I have to quit thinking I can do things apart from him.
Have a great week and remember to put the Father first.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby Cameron

I know it is said all the time by everyone but I really can't believe that 4 years have passed since I gave birth to my youngest child, Cameron. My pregnacy with him was such a HUGE suprise in fact SHOCKED might be an even better adjective to describe what I was when I read the little "two lined" test. The Lord really blessed us with him. He is funny, dramatic and often times a glass half empty kind of kid.(probably gets that from me:) The events surrounding his birth were pretty crazy. I will give a short synopsis: I deliver him, that was actually the easy part except for the fact that something went wrong with the epideral line and they kept having to pull off the tape that held it on my back, you know the tape that they spray adhesive on your back first and then apply. They had to rip it off 3 times I think it ripped every hair along with it. It hurt so bad I had decided that I would not let them do it again I would have to go natural. Glad they finally got it right:) I decided that because he was my third, and I was older and wiser, I would let him sleep in the hospital nursery as I knew I would need the rest. I told the nurse that was my desire and she said they were short staffed but he'd be okay. Well of course you know I did not put my baby in the short staffed nursery so no sleep for the older wiser mommy that night. My oldest son goes to soccer practice and breaks his leg and because I am being released at the very moment he is getting his cast on my fil had to bring me home from the hospital. As I walked out the people in the waiting room really were giving me a second look and I feel pretty sure it was not because I was looking good in my "maternity clothes wearing but not pregnant self" I have to believe that it was because they thought I had a sugar daddy. :) As we got into my van the check engine light came on. ($800.00 later that was taken care of) My oldest came home with a full leg cast on and a wheel chair. There that was it all in a nut shell. A real day to remember and remember I do as a day that I was given another blessing by the Lord. A blessing to raise for him and his glory. No matter what the circumstances were surrounding his birth He is a true gift from the Lord above. My Jehovah Jire, the Lord that provides, and provide he has done for me and my family.

Monday, September 24, 2007

School, Soccer & the Letter "P"

Chandler & DH



Long time no write. I know and I am sure my Sweet Grandmother and parents are wondering where I have been. Where do I begin??? My kiddos are doing well in school. Carson, the middle one, is very much a pleaser and rule follower. He loves school and does his little homework papers on his own. I don't even have to remind him. Cameron likes school (preschool) but says he is tired (daily) and just wants to stay home. Chandler my ninth grader is so happy to go to school and get the awesome opportunity to communicate with other ninth graders who are of the female persuasion and communicate he does. What I don't get though is that I am of the female persuasion and some days there's not a lot of communicating going on between myself and him. Maybe it's just not the same.(haha)

We are spending a lot of time on the soccer fields. Carson's team won their game Saturday 12-2 He scored at least 4 goals. He is doing very well in soccer and looking forward to beginning basketball in about a month. Dad is the soccer coach and will try to do basketball too but with his work schedule he may have to enlist some help from the other dads of kiddos on the team. After Carson's game we went to Jackson, Tn to watch Chandler's team play one game Sat. night and 2 games Sunday. This was a region premier league weekend. The top two teams from Miss., LA, Al,Tn, and Arkansas play in a league. This weekend was Tn vs Ark. and we fit in our Tn vs Tn game. The team did very well and won all three games. My dh and I really enjoy watching our son play and rooting for the team. The team is now gearing up for the next premier league weekend in a few weeks where they will compete against the Louisianna teams. The team record so far in this league is 4-1 so they are progressing nicely.

In preschool this week we are studying the Letter P. Today we wore pajamas and cooked pink pancakes. We also are learning names of God and this weeks is Jehovah Shalom. The God of Peace. I try to cooridinate everything with the letter of the week. Even their show and share items are supposed to begin with the letter of the week. As I was cooking pancakes today in my class, Carson and his teacher showed up at the door and he had a fever so I had to leave my little learners in the care of my very capable assistant and our principal. I knew a trip to the store was going to be necessary as I had no medicine for a fever at home. Did I mention that today was pajama day? Well I too was wearing pajamas. Thankfully though I remembered as I left and was able to run home and change quickly before going to the store. That would have been a great post though huh?

I could go on and on but I think I am going to hop off this computer and see if I can work on figuring out how to put more hours in my day and if that does not work I guess I will settle for balancing and prioritzing it a little better. :)
Hope all of you have a wonderful week and remember God loves you!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A little bit of this and A little bit of that....

So much to say and never enough time....Well, I have been working with my little pre-schoolers and I love them so much. We have such a good time. I don't think I ever realized how much I would be singing though. In fact I have probably sung more in the past 2 weeks than I have in my entire life and let me tell you I am not a singer. I cannot carry a tune anywhere. We have the good morning , days of the week, months of the year, the pay attention, and the good-bye song and let me tell you if I forget to sing just one of these songs the kiddos will let me know asap. :) And guess what??? They don't even notice that I can't sing.:) I have very few behavioral problems. Nothing that I can't usually correct with a soft stern reminder. I will post some pics of the room later.

Here is a picture of the items I won from Peeking thru the Sunflowers give away. She sent them right away but of course without the digital is takes a while to get my pictures back. I just love them. Daughter of the King is having a very generous give away at her blog so stop on by and sign up.

I have to tell you about a prayer the Lord recently answered for me. MY DOG IS NOT PREGNANT!!!!! I wanted a female lab not a male because I did not like dealing with the whole "leg action to my company" that occurs when you have a male dog. When my male Jack Russell was a puppy he had the leg action going on and it embarrassed me so badly that I got him fixed as soon as I could. Having the female I have totally taken my time because she has not embarrassed me. Now she has chewed up the entire house(that is another very expensive story) but not embarrassed me with leg action so I sort of kept putting her surgery on the back burner. Well I have noticed she was acting weird and she looked a little swollen so of course I thought she was pregnant and I could only picture myself adding 10 puppies to an already impossible schedule. Come to find out she is not pregnant but in Heat. What a relief but what a mess. I did not know female dogs came with cycles, information I should have found out before I got the female dog. I did not know they make diapers for this. I tried to use some of my old low rider underware that I can't wear anymore because when I put them on the whole front disappears thanks to my ever-growing stomach. I had to cut a hole in the back as women's underware don't normally come with holes for tails,(they might somewhere but nowhere that I have frequented) I put a pad in and walah a solution to the bleeding problem that did not cost me a cent. It was a pretty prideful moment for me, but you know what the Bible says, Pride comes before the fall and fall they did right off her hind legs. If all of this means she is not pregnant than sisters I can deal with it. I am calling to schedule her surgery tomorrow morning. Then I will make sure this dog stays in the house unless one of us is right by her side when duty calls. If you look real close at the picture I've posted of the dogs, Dallas, has a stick in her mouth. I thought it looked like an oversized toothpick she picked up after a meal.

God has been good to me I feel so blessed. I could write so much about it and I will soon but for now I am trying to take it all in. I will tell you that in the book of Daniel the Lord is the Revealer of Secrets and when you are praying and are unsure of the things you are being told or are seeing happen, pray to Him to be the
Revealer of Secrets to you. Believe me He will reveal, in His time.
Have a great week in the Lord.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Holland/ Grandma

Since I don't get to blog as much as I'd like I am going to do two birthdays in one day.

I want to wish my nephew, Holland, a great birthday today. He turns 11. He is the baby of my sister Sandy's 3 boys and let me tell you he is hillarious. He is very quick witted. Holland we love you, Uncle Cool says hi and we all hope you have a great day. Aunt Linda

Tomorrow is my Grandmother's birthday. This woman is in her Eighties, still lives alone and drives and is very active is so many things especially choir. She is amazing I am sure her involement keeps her young. We hope you have a great day Grandma. We love you.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Come on Lady are you for real?"

Just thought I'd let you see what my purchases were at the store the other night. It really makes no sense. I know the clerk thinks I will be lounging reading my WW magazine and snacking on all the candy but hey the drink is diet. Guess what??? He is pretty much right! I do share the candy with my family but I would be lying if I said it was all for them. I am really going to give this another shot. I have been very inspired by Diet coke & Zingers(love the name) She is doing a great job at reaching each of her goals. Go visit if you have a chance.

Fun Name stuff

Well a long long time ago my sweet blogging buddy Christina did a sweet post on some of her blogging friends where she had created their names on a special setting. I have just recently figured out how to do it so I am now participating my sending one back to her and a few others.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Little people funnies

This is the sort of stuff we hear
around our home on a daily basis....
Cameron (3yrs)" Hey lets play good guy bad guy. I'll be Jesus, you be the guy who nailed me to the cross."
Carson (5yrs) " No you be the dog and I'll be the dog catcher.
Cameron Oh, okay.
They keep us on our toes, keep our faces smiling, and our hearts full.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We have a winner

You are all winners and I am so excited you participated in my give away. The name my son drew was Daughter of the King(email me with your address). Thanks for the sweet comments.
Blessings to all of you and your families.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

50th post give away

Update: Since it is Labor Day I will wait til Wednesday at 7:00pm to pick a winner not tonight.

Finally I got my pictures back. Blogging without the digital camera is sort of a pain. Anyway here they are. A frame with easel and a ceramic cross. Any comments from the 1st post about the give away, from today's with my sisters anniversary til Monday evening September 3rd at 7:00 will be counted. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Happy Anniversary/Tagged

First, I want to wish my sister, Sandy and Bil Steven a wonderful Anniversary. I always thought she was such a pretty bride and very photogenic. They are truly a team and a real testimony to the way a marriage should be. Hope you guys have a great day!!!

Second, Alice tagged me with a name game. You are to use each letter of your middle name to describe you so here goes:

J-Jesus Follower
E-Engraved in His palms
A-Analytical(sometimes to a fault)
Thanks Alice that was fun. Anyone that wants to participate feel free. If you do, let me know so I can check it out.
Third, Don't forget to check back to see my give away item I hope to get the pictures back today. Any comments from this post as well as my last post will be counted.