Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby Cameron

I know it is said all the time by everyone but I really can't believe that 4 years have passed since I gave birth to my youngest child, Cameron. My pregnacy with him was such a HUGE suprise in fact SHOCKED might be an even better adjective to describe what I was when I read the little "two lined" test. The Lord really blessed us with him. He is funny, dramatic and often times a glass half empty kind of kid.(probably gets that from me:) The events surrounding his birth were pretty crazy. I will give a short synopsis: I deliver him, that was actually the easy part except for the fact that something went wrong with the epideral line and they kept having to pull off the tape that held it on my back, you know the tape that they spray adhesive on your back first and then apply. They had to rip it off 3 times I think it ripped every hair along with it. It hurt so bad I had decided that I would not let them do it again I would have to go natural. Glad they finally got it right:) I decided that because he was my third, and I was older and wiser, I would let him sleep in the hospital nursery as I knew I would need the rest. I told the nurse that was my desire and she said they were short staffed but he'd be okay. Well of course you know I did not put my baby in the short staffed nursery so no sleep for the older wiser mommy that night. My oldest son goes to soccer practice and breaks his leg and because I am being released at the very moment he is getting his cast on my fil had to bring me home from the hospital. As I walked out the people in the waiting room really were giving me a second look and I feel pretty sure it was not because I was looking good in my "maternity clothes wearing but not pregnant self" I have to believe that it was because they thought I had a sugar daddy. :) As we got into my van the check engine light came on. ($800.00 later that was taken care of) My oldest came home with a full leg cast on and a wheel chair. There that was it all in a nut shell. A real day to remember and remember I do as a day that I was given another blessing by the Lord. A blessing to raise for him and his glory. No matter what the circumstances were surrounding his birth He is a true gift from the Lord above. My Jehovah Jire, the Lord that provides, and provide he has done for me and my family.


Sandy McTier said...

I remember all of that happening and so wished I could have been there to help out but no ~ I was all the way in England. Cameron is such a precious boy! So sweet and FUNNY! Hope he has a great birthday! Give him a big hug from all of us McT's.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAMERON!!! God's blessings on YOU!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey! My baby turned 4 today to!!!!!

Terry Richey said...

Well, that explains why Camo doesn't have a younger brother or sister, doesn't it? He He Hope he enjoyed his special day. I know he has a great Aunt Sandy - I thank God everyday in my prayers for bringing her into my life.

Belle-ah said...

Happy Birthday, little are blessed to be in your sweet family!

MOM said...

Hope Cameron liked his Pop Pop and Nana's rendition of Happy Birthday we left on your answering machine. We waited until 10 P.M. our time and couldn't wait up any longer. Days are getting shorter here in Europe. I'll be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark before I know it. Have a good weekend. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to the family.

justabeachkat said...

Happy Birthday to Cameron.

I haven't stopped by for awhile and it was fun catching up.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.