Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello WW, it's me again.

Okay, so today I rejoined WW for like the umpteenth time. My husband and I went right after church. He weighed and joined and I did the same and stayed for the meeting. I really like my Thurs. leader but I just can't seem to make it on Thurs. with work and all. This leader was someone I had not seen or heard before. I enjoyed the meeting. She was talking about the negative mindset we all seem to have concerning diets and that the WW way is to change that mindset to a way of life not a diet. One of the ladies in the class said our mindset might be that a diet is deprivation but the WW side says that our choices are limitless. I began to really ponder on that word deprivation and it occurred to me that a diet really is deprivation. Not necessarily deprivation of food but deprivation of the comfort and emotional security that food often times brings to those of us who struggle in this area. I believe it would be the same for a shop aholic. Once this person decides to change his/her lifestyle by cutting out shopping in excess they too may struggle with the "high" if you will that shopping brings them. All of us have a void in our lives that only the Father can fill. I know I am so guilty of trying to fill it with food. An example of this was a recent trip to the grocery with all three kids, I believe they fought the entire time. I had to correct them on numerous occasions. I bought a candy bar and once I got to the car I ripped it open and ate it as fast as I possibly could. It brought comfort for a few minutes then guilt. I pray that this time around on WW I will identify the hunger that comes from emotions and that when I do I will take it straight to the Father. If I find comfort in other things or if I just keep busy so that I won't eat then I am only masking the problem and or filling the void with something else. I am going to do my best to lay this idol (and thorn in my flesh)down once and for all at the Father's feet. I have to quit thinking I can do things apart from him.
Have a great week and remember to put the Father first.


Kim said...

I'm going to get back on program too. However, since I'm a lifetime member I'm going to try to weigh in once a month. I've not been successful before for any length of time without going to the meetings but I'm going to try! You hit the nail on the head as usual. I too am a stress eater and I need to pray when that feeling comes over me. These are all things I know, but don't always do. Sandy and I talked about praying for each other in this area. We all could use the support. Don't be too hard on yourself if you slip up. The key is getting back on track and not beating yourself up!

Anonymous said...

Way 2 Go, Linda!!! Curious... what's your goal?
I am also with you in this struggle. Ya see, I come from an obese family and have learned the coping mechanism of food- comfort. Although, I am 'tiny' compared to them... these last 5-10 lbs have been the biggest challenge of all!!!
Question... are ya working your body out at all? I started doing Tae-Bo for kids about a month ago and LOVE it! I also do a Dance Video that makes me looks hilarious, but is as fun as snot!!!
Keep us posted on your journey.
In Him,
P.S. It's wonderful that your hubby has signed on with you!!!

ADELE said...

Oh Linda, we are so much alike! I joined WW three weeks ago and it was certainly not my first time to join WW. I have done well so far and lost 10 pounds. I got my two little stars and a bookmark. I have not done well the last few days and dream weighing in Thursday night at our meeting. It is such a struggle to lose weight. I have always tried to fill my voids with food. I am ready to stop this crazy habit and lay it down for the final time. God is so much bigger than all of this and I know He can help me (and you). Lets pray for each other and encourage each other through this thing. KNow that I am praying for you.:)

Sandy said...

Hey sis!
lots of love and encouragement!
Hope you and D do well with WW this go around!
Love ya

Linda said...

I used to work out daily til I started work. I have not been very good at balancing being away from home so much and fitting exercise in. I got up a little early today to go walk. I probably need to get some videos as making it to the gym is near impossible right now. My goal is to learn portion control, eat more of the right foods and lose 40lbs. I really want God to be the leader in this though I seem to always fail because I start out with Him and then tell Him, I'll take it from here.

Linda said...

I will commit to praying for you and I covet your prayers also. Weight has been an issue with me since graduating from High School. Up and down and it has been a struggle that I have let become and addiction. 10lbs is an awesome loss keep up the good work and I will let you know how I do next Sunday.

Jen in MS said...

Awesome post Linda! Best wishes on a new way of eating and health!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Linda - Good luck! I know lots of people who have great success with WW. I have a bit of weight to lose myself, for the first time ever. I gained 50# when I was pregnant (at age 38) and now nearly 40 and it's just not as easy to lose. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

justabeachkat said...

Good luck. You go girl! You CAN do it!