Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Name stuff

Well a long long time ago my sweet blogging buddy Christina did a sweet post on some of her blogging friends where she had created their names on a special setting. I have just recently figured out how to do it so I am now participating my sending one back to her and a few others.


Sandy McTier said...

Thank you sis!
I'm pasting it to my blog right now! Love the new BLOG look!
Sandy :)

Diann said...

Those are so cool! I haven't figured out how to do anything like that yet. I also love your new blog look--very pretty. I hope you're having a blessed weekend!

Terry Richey said...

That is very cool! You need to share directions for those of us that are computer challenged. Have a great week.

Kim said... made my day, sweet girl! That is so special! I'm with Sandy and will post it on my blog. Yes, I LOVE your new blog look. Hey, how's the teaching going? Take care and be sure you check out my lastest addition. Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Very nifty, Linda! I am going to put it on my sidebar right now!