Monday, September 24, 2007

School, Soccer & the Letter "P"

Chandler & DH



Long time no write. I know and I am sure my Sweet Grandmother and parents are wondering where I have been. Where do I begin??? My kiddos are doing well in school. Carson, the middle one, is very much a pleaser and rule follower. He loves school and does his little homework papers on his own. I don't even have to remind him. Cameron likes school (preschool) but says he is tired (daily) and just wants to stay home. Chandler my ninth grader is so happy to go to school and get the awesome opportunity to communicate with other ninth graders who are of the female persuasion and communicate he does. What I don't get though is that I am of the female persuasion and some days there's not a lot of communicating going on between myself and him. Maybe it's just not the same.(haha)

We are spending a lot of time on the soccer fields. Carson's team won their game Saturday 12-2 He scored at least 4 goals. He is doing very well in soccer and looking forward to beginning basketball in about a month. Dad is the soccer coach and will try to do basketball too but with his work schedule he may have to enlist some help from the other dads of kiddos on the team. After Carson's game we went to Jackson, Tn to watch Chandler's team play one game Sat. night and 2 games Sunday. This was a region premier league weekend. The top two teams from Miss., LA, Al,Tn, and Arkansas play in a league. This weekend was Tn vs Ark. and we fit in our Tn vs Tn game. The team did very well and won all three games. My dh and I really enjoy watching our son play and rooting for the team. The team is now gearing up for the next premier league weekend in a few weeks where they will compete against the Louisianna teams. The team record so far in this league is 4-1 so they are progressing nicely.

In preschool this week we are studying the Letter P. Today we wore pajamas and cooked pink pancakes. We also are learning names of God and this weeks is Jehovah Shalom. The God of Peace. I try to cooridinate everything with the letter of the week. Even their show and share items are supposed to begin with the letter of the week. As I was cooking pancakes today in my class, Carson and his teacher showed up at the door and he had a fever so I had to leave my little learners in the care of my very capable assistant and our principal. I knew a trip to the store was going to be necessary as I had no medicine for a fever at home. Did I mention that today was pajama day? Well I too was wearing pajamas. Thankfully though I remembered as I left and was able to run home and change quickly before going to the store. That would have been a great post though huh?

I could go on and on but I think I am going to hop off this computer and see if I can work on figuring out how to put more hours in my day and if that does not work I guess I will settle for balancing and prioritzing it a little better. :)
Hope all of you have a wonderful week and remember God loves you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope Carson is feeling better. So glad to see Deb has started a BLOG also, unfortunately I cqn't write on her yet, Just like when you started yours. We are glad all three of you are on line. It is great to see the kids grow up.

Cameron has a big day this week. We'll talk to you then. Love, Mom

Sandy McTier said...

Cute pics of the family minus a current one of you! Come on ~ I want to see the hair! hehehe
Awesome job for Chans soccer team!
So glad that Carson likes school and I believe that Cameron will be like Holland and love to stay HOME!
Love ya SIS!
Sandy :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!!
Linda, it sounds like you might need a 'clagon minute'! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oops... "Calgon Minute"!
Maybe I need one too...

Mrs. Jones said...

Sounds like you all are as busy as we are. Well, maybe busier ~ I don't have a job yet. I worked a half day last week, and one of the kids got sick that day. I was "trying out" how easy it would be to go back to work. Ha ha!

Blessings to you!

Kim said...

Wonderful pics! I, like you apparently, stay on the other side of the camera as often as I can! Congratulations on the soccer! I LOVED your PJ story and what fun your class sounds. I'd LOVE to visit your sounds so fun! I've though of pink pancakes all day! I love when you post so I can listen to the piano as I read. Hugs ~ Kim

Diann said...

Love the pictures of your sweet family! Aw, you should have just gone for it and went right up in the store in your PJ's!

And I agree with Sandy--you didn't put a pic of yourself. I keep forgetting to tell you--you have a twin that lives here and goes to our church. Even my husband saw your blog and said "she looks just like Stephanie." I'll have to send you a picture of her, you wouldn't believe how much alike the two of you look. Both of you beautiful!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Sounds like your school year is off to a great start! Hope Carson feels better soon.

MOM said...

I remebered my Blog user name and password!! Aging is an adventure. Hope Carson is feeling better so he can enjoy cake and ice cream, just one more day and Cameron will be four. Time flys. I know those kiddos at the preschool are enjoying their teacher, the PJ's at the drug store could have been an interesting post. Do you have a big stick to beat the girls off Chandler. Hope soccer remains his passion and he doesn't get too distracted by all the squealing on the sidelines. Super pictures!
Love ya,

Gretchen said...

"I could go on and on but I think I am going to hop off this computer and see if I can work on figuring out how to put more hours in my day and if that does not work I guess I will settle for balancing and prioritzing it a little better. :)"

Were we separated at birth? Great pics, and I enjoyed my visit to your blog. :)

MOM said...

HAPPY Birthday to Cameron!!!!!!!!! It is 0600 in Germany on the 28th of September so Pop Pop and Nana wanted to wish the BIG Guy Cameron a great and special DAY. We'll try to catch you home later today by phone.
Nana and Pop Pop

Belle-ah said...

I am sure as cute as your oldest is...those 9th grade gals are more than happy to communicate with him as well!