Sunday, September 16, 2007

A little bit of this and A little bit of that....

So much to say and never enough time....Well, I have been working with my little pre-schoolers and I love them so much. We have such a good time. I don't think I ever realized how much I would be singing though. In fact I have probably sung more in the past 2 weeks than I have in my entire life and let me tell you I am not a singer. I cannot carry a tune anywhere. We have the good morning , days of the week, months of the year, the pay attention, and the good-bye song and let me tell you if I forget to sing just one of these songs the kiddos will let me know asap. :) And guess what??? They don't even notice that I can't sing.:) I have very few behavioral problems. Nothing that I can't usually correct with a soft stern reminder. I will post some pics of the room later.

Here is a picture of the items I won from Peeking thru the Sunflowers give away. She sent them right away but of course without the digital is takes a while to get my pictures back. I just love them. Daughter of the King is having a very generous give away at her blog so stop on by and sign up.

I have to tell you about a prayer the Lord recently answered for me. MY DOG IS NOT PREGNANT!!!!! I wanted a female lab not a male because I did not like dealing with the whole "leg action to my company" that occurs when you have a male dog. When my male Jack Russell was a puppy he had the leg action going on and it embarrassed me so badly that I got him fixed as soon as I could. Having the female I have totally taken my time because she has not embarrassed me. Now she has chewed up the entire house(that is another very expensive story) but not embarrassed me with leg action so I sort of kept putting her surgery on the back burner. Well I have noticed she was acting weird and she looked a little swollen so of course I thought she was pregnant and I could only picture myself adding 10 puppies to an already impossible schedule. Come to find out she is not pregnant but in Heat. What a relief but what a mess. I did not know female dogs came with cycles, information I should have found out before I got the female dog. I did not know they make diapers for this. I tried to use some of my old low rider underware that I can't wear anymore because when I put them on the whole front disappears thanks to my ever-growing stomach. I had to cut a hole in the back as women's underware don't normally come with holes for tails,(they might somewhere but nowhere that I have frequented) I put a pad in and walah a solution to the bleeding problem that did not cost me a cent. It was a pretty prideful moment for me, but you know what the Bible says, Pride comes before the fall and fall they did right off her hind legs. If all of this means she is not pregnant than sisters I can deal with it. I am calling to schedule her surgery tomorrow morning. Then I will make sure this dog stays in the house unless one of us is right by her side when duty calls. If you look real close at the picture I've posted of the dogs, Dallas, has a stick in her mouth. I thought it looked like an oversized toothpick she picked up after a meal.

God has been good to me I feel so blessed. I could write so much about it and I will soon but for now I am trying to take it all in. I will tell you that in the book of Daniel the Lord is the Revealer of Secrets and when you are praying and are unsure of the things you are being told or are seeing happen, pray to Him to be the
Revealer of Secrets to you. Believe me He will reveal, in His time.
Have a great week in the Lord.


Diann said...

Revealer of Secrets--that's good stuff. That is a prayer that I will be praying for an area in our lives right now. Thanks for this!

My youngest Westie went into heat early for her age (also before we had her surgery). I felt so sorry for her! We went through that whole thing too. As soon as she was finished, the surgery took place, and all was well again!

justabeachkat said...

Thank goodness Miss Daisy had her surgery before we had to deal with "that".


Sandy McTier said...

So glad you didn't waste your money on an EPT?HEHEHE
They say that you should let them go into heat once and then get them fixed as it cuts down on the chances of problems later in life but what a mess! Gonna have posh taken care of the day of her 6 month birthday.
Thanks for calling and sharing that story with me ~ and how the Secrets were revealed! Amazing. I know your visitors will enjoy reading that.
Have a wonderful week. Song loud and proud! Those little ones adore you I'm for sure!
Many Blessings Sister!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a GREAT time with the wee ones at school! I sooooo look forward to seeing pictures of your, I'm sure, wonderful classroom!!!
In Him,
P.S. Cute dogs!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Too funny... maybe it's a good thing that they fell off... the dog walking around in your panties might be more than your boys could take!! :)... I don't have a Weight Watchers recipe for dump cake but WOW I would love to hear it!!!! Please post it if you've got time!

Kim said...

Great post as always. Yep, messy...'nuf said! I know the little ones must be a joy and bless you on a daily basis. I'm also VERY sure that you are a blessing to them and their family as well. Daniel...thank you for sharing that. I'm going to get my bible out right now. Hugs ~ Kim

Belle-ah said...

What a great post! I am sure your preschoolers think your singing is lovely. (((hugs)))

Southern Sugar said...

I just found your blog tonight. What a beautiful title for your blog. I will be stopping by for visits. Isn't it great how you can have blog friends over anytime?

Charity said...

I am sure you are such a blessing to those preschoolers! The teachers in my 2-year olds class are absolute jewels!!
We have two girl dogs! I had their surgeries done asap when I could! I was afraid of the "heat"!!!

Paige said...

Came to visit via a stopover at Kat's and saw your comment. Stop by and visit me sometime.