Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall is in the air/Birthday fun

Cameron turned 9 yesterday!!! So thankful that God blessed us with this little Camarino.  He brings so much joy and humor(literally) to our family.  He chose to eat at Genghis Grill for his birthday dinner. Fun times for sure.

It is starting to feel like fall around here and I was in the mood to start some fall decorating.. started with the back porch.  The kids roasted marshmallows and now we are enjoying watching some college football.  Alabama vs Ole Miss.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well my word for the New Year was Present. I wanted to be present in the moment, in every moment rather than looking back and saying, Wow! I don't remember the details of that situation or memory.  Well it is September and I have to say I did great for a while but lately I have failed miserably. Rather than being Present I have just Existed. I have had a few blows with the death of my Mother-in-Love and the heart attack and surgery of my Father.  There have also been a few issues in my life but most of which I have brought on or allowed because I completly lost focus for a bit, my focus was on me and how I felt and how I was  going to fix it and how I was treated unfairly( way to many I's in that last sentence and that was a lot of the problem). Trying to be everything to everyone and be everywhere is completely exhausting and overwhelming it was so easy to slip back to just existing from event to event.    Thankfully back on track of trying to be Present with the Lord's help of course!!
Have a blessed Tuesday!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A week in the life of our soccer players

Had a pretty busy week with soccer.  Carson's team won their tournament last weekend, Cameron's team won their tournament this weekend and Chandler's team won last night 5-0.  If I sit and think about our crazy schedules I have know idea how we do  practices, games, school, homework, projects, church, jobs, laundry, house cleaning.. the list goes on but somehow we make it work and not perfectly for sure but it is our life and we do our best.  Our boys know we love them and the Lord and really after that nothing else matters... oh except sleep..haha
Have a wonderful week!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

So Much has happened

So much has happened since I have last written.  Even the page setup that I am writting on right now is different.

Since February- Chandler turned19, Carson turned 10, We ended the school year in May.
Chandler left for Columbus, Ohio where he played with the u19 & U20 teams.  David, Carson, Cameron and I visited him and while there we went to Kings Island(what a blast!!) The U19 team won Nationals, it was televised and was so exciting to see our son play soccer on t.v.
My mother-in-love( diagnosed with Alzheimers 3 yrs ago)  fell on June 14th, feeling that he couln't keep her safe at home anymore at home as this was the 3rd fall, my father-in-love decided it best to put her in a nursing home, she spent 1 wk in the hospital, 1 wk in the nursing home, 1 wk in the hospital again, 1 wk in a hospice facitliy and then quietly took her last breath  with family surrounding her on July 15th.  Thankfully we were able to get Chandler home in time to see her before she passed even though she did not recognize any of us in the end.  She was a fiesty fun woman and has been greatly missed.  Father-in-love is trying to keep busy but misses her so.
Finising the story--Chandler started soccer back at U of M, another school year has begun for Carson, Cameron and I. David has continued working and just celebrated 29 years with FedEx. My Dad had a mild heart attack and thankfully was able to get by with surgery that put in two stents rather than by-pass surger, so we are praying that this along with diet/exercise changes he will be back to himself very soon. We just got back from a soccer tournament in Atlanta last night for Carson's team where they won 1 game and tied 2 but didn't advance.  Now going to spend this Labor Day preparing for the week and going to see our favorite #5 play tonight in the Tiger's game.

Now after recapping 6 months in 1 paragraph I guess it really isn't necessary to write daily. ha!!As I looked through the pictures that I wanted to choose for this post I realized I really should blog more often because there really are do many other things that occured and details that I want to remember.  I have to try to make the time to record these days as I know my memory is not as good as it once was.. ha