Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well my word for the New Year was Present. I wanted to be present in the moment, in every moment rather than looking back and saying, Wow! I don't remember the details of that situation or memory.  Well it is September and I have to say I did great for a while but lately I have failed miserably. Rather than being Present I have just Existed. I have had a few blows with the death of my Mother-in-Love and the heart attack and surgery of my Father.  There have also been a few issues in my life but most of which I have brought on or allowed because I completly lost focus for a bit, my focus was on me and how I felt and how I was  going to fix it and how I was treated unfairly( way to many I's in that last sentence and that was a lot of the problem). Trying to be everything to everyone and be everywhere is completely exhausting and overwhelming it was so easy to slip back to just existing from event to event.    Thankfully back on track of trying to be Present with the Lord's help of course!!
Have a blessed Tuesday!!

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