Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh No!! My phone is about to die!!

I am running errands one day and as I am driving from one place to another I notice my phone battery is on about 8%-- Oh GASP!! Most of us know that feeling of the phone battery being gone.  Not sure why it has become such an issue for me I went at least 30 years of my life without a cell phone and I managed to survive but I feel almost like a piece of me is missing without it.  I looked on the floor board of my car and there it sat..... the charger..... I couldn't drive and reach it so I had to wait.  As I waited I pondered the spiritual application here and it hit me over the head like a brick. WHAM!!  Here I sat with a phone that could connect me to anyone at anytime, it holds my calendar, gives me access to many different things in my life and it was about to die with a charger sitting just inches away.  I had to ask myself-- how many times have I sat just completely depleted of energy because I am  trying to handle everything  in my life and worry so much about what others think that I have no peace and yet my Bible - the love letter from my Lord, the "charger" of  my life,  just sits there inches away from me unopened.  The most convicting part here is often times I put more importance on charging my phone so that I am connected to life than I do "charging" myself spiritually so that I am connected to the creator of life.   I am always amazed when the Lord uses applications, seemingly so small yet so convicting.  I must look so pitiful to Him, yet He loves me.  Some days I still can't quite grasp why He would love my unloving self, yet He does.