Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tag. I'm it.

I have been tagged by my sister with a meme that lists seven things you might not know about me. Now my family will know most of these but I will list them for those of you who don't know me very well. Here goes:

1. I used to twirl the baton in high school and College.( The Universtiy of Memphis)
I also taught the twirlers at the University for several years.
2. When I was growing up I loved The Brady Bunch and I wanted to be Marcia Brady.( embarassing huh?) Marcia, Marcia, Marcia....
3. I am scared to death of Frogs. YUK
4. I have had a lot of backed into wrecks. Me being the one who backed into at least 4 cars, most of which were parked in my driveway. Now when my family visits they only park on the street in front of my house. Wonder why??
5. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
6. I started dating my husband when I was 15 and he was 17. We dated for 6 years but planned our wedding in 3 Weeks.
7. I too like my sisters love sweets. I would pull Little Debbies out of the front of the package rather than open the whole box. I had hoped my mom would think she got jipped and instead of 12 little debbies she only got 11. I guess it was a dead give away though when there would only be 6 in an original box of 12.:)

Thanks Sandy for tagging me. Stop by and read her answers as well as my sister Debbie's.
Not going to tag anyone in particular. If you want to play go right ahead but be sure to leave me a comment so I will know to come by and look at your answers.


justabeachkat said...

I like reading memes because we learn a little more about each other.

Little Debbie's...yum!


Abby said...

found you through blog know how that goes!

i got excited when i saw the oatmeal cookie picture....huge fan. :)
and glad to know i'm not the only one who has backed into something before!!!

Alana said...

What a fun meme!

I always wanted to be Cindy, but I think that is because I related to her the most being the youngest girl in my family ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sandy said...

It's so funny. I could have written that post for you. I'm gonna have to post someday about how we used to play the Brady Bunch at our house. Those were some funny and FUN times.

Love ya

Terry Richey said...

LOL Linda! When I was glancing down the post and saw the picture my first thought was it was you and I gasped thinking "Gee, she looked like Marcia Brady"....I need another cup of coffee! Have a great day!

Belle-ah said...

Love finding out more about ya!

Fran said...

A girl thats a Memphis Tiger!!
My husband and I both went to school there....he's from memphis and i'm from Ar. He played baseball for the Tigers in probably 90-92. Hmmmmmm.....
And, we have 3 boys too. Small world here in blogland. i'm glad I found you.

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

These are great!!! You're are a black belt??? Watch out!!!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I love these lists. I didn't want to be Marsha, but I wanted to marry Keith.

Diann said...

Black belt! Wow!

Paige said...

I like reading your meme so I can get to know you better! Happy Friday!

KJ said...

I love the name of your Blog! Thank-YOU for posting on my 100th Post Giveaway. Remember that you can refer people, too, for extra entries. I am having such a grand time meeting new people!

I am 49 (to be 50 much too soon). I don't know why, but Marcia Brady always irritated me a bit. Perhaps because she reminded me too much of girls at school (some who led double lives). I did watch faithfully, though. In fact, the song has been running through my head since I saw your post. {{GRIN}}

Thank-YOU for dropping by!

Best Blessings, KJ

Trish said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one freaked out by frogs! I can't stand them! And where would we all be today if we hadn't all had our daily dose of The Brady Bunch growing up? Enjoyed reading these interesting things about you. Your blog is pretty!

Kim said...

I FINALLY updated my blog (two posts ago) with my 7 things about me from the tag. It was kind of fun. I loved your list and can relate to MANY of them. Hugs ~ Kim