Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Just want to wish a Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad. They have certainly taught me that you really do and can stick together for better or worse. By God's grace they have had 42 years together which is a real accomplishment in the times we live in. Hope you two have a wonderful day! (the picture is of them with my Grandmother and all the grandkids last Thanksgiving)



Anonymous said...

Happy 42nd Anniversary, Dad & Mom!!!
What a blessing it is to have people like you modeling what marriage is all about!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda. Love ya Mom and Dad

Daughter of the King said...

Happy Anniversary..to your parents...gooray for marriages that go through the ups and downs of life and *make it*....to God be the Glory.

justabeachkat said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! What a joyful photo that is!


Jen in MS said...

I just saw your parent's picture on your sister's blog. What a gorgeous couple!
Happy Anniversary to them!

MOM said...

I had to be gone for the anniversary so hope to have a special dinner this weekend. For years Dad was the one gone on special occasions. Now my work takes me away for a couple of days verse the year Dad use to be gone. Hope all is well at the Gagnon household. How is school going for everyone?
Love to all,

Kim said...

I remember when Sandy posted those pictures from Thanksgiving 2006. I just love all of the pics she posted. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad. It's hard to believe we'll be married 30 years in June! Take care love and I think I'm FINALLY caught up on all of your posts! Hope all is well. Hugs ~ Kim