Saturday, October 6, 2007

WW update/Prayer Requests and a great give away

Just wanted to let you know about a 100th post give away. KJ is having one and has some great gifts to give. Hop on over there, take a peek, and be sure to leave a comment. She is trying to reach a personal goal of 100 comments, So even if you are not interested in the gifts please help her reach her goal.

Wanted to give you a WW update. My dh and I had to go weigh in today instead of tomorrow because of other obligations.
I lost 5.8 and he lost 5.6. Very exciting for both of us. You will notice that I am .2 ahead of him. Not bragging of course but I am basking in the lead right now because the weight just drops off him so I will not be ahead for long. (haha) It really is amazing what happens if you cut out daily Starbucks Carmel Fraps and Three Muskateers bars... Who Knew?? Hopefully we will be able to stay on program. So far it has not been to hard. I just have to remember... slow and steady wins the race. It is when I start having grand expectations that I fall of the WW Wagon so to speak.

Two things that have been prayer requests for us this week. My sweet brother in law Bruce lost his Mom this past Thursday. She was a wonderful Christian woman and a great mother. A very classy person who loved much and was loved by many. Her funeral is tomorrow. This same brother in law is sending his only son off to Iraq this Wed. my nephew Adam. I mentioned him several posts ago. His training is completed and he will fly out Wed. This will be hard on the whole family but especially Bruce and my sister in law Helene as they will be burying a beloved mother and sending a son off to war all within 4 days of each other. If the Lord should lead any of you to pray please do so.

I will leave you with something my pastor used to say....
If you please God, it doesn't matter whom you displease. If you displease God, it doesn't matter whom you please.


justabeachkat said...

You go girl! I'm a tad bit jealous though with your weight loss :-)

I can't imagine a family losing a Mom and sending a son off to war...oh my! I will include them in my prayers.


Trish said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations to you on your .2 lead! Why is it that guys seem to lose weight faster and easier than we do??? What's up with that?!

We will keep Bruce and your family in our prayers. My oh my, that is a lot to deal with at one time. Please tell them that we will keep them in our prayers.
God bless you, Trish

Abby said...

will be praying for your family for sure....

and congrats on the WW success!! that's awesome!

MOM said...

Please convey our empathy and love to Bruce and Helen. We will continue to pray for ADAM. Great job on the WW. Continue to send me recipes. I love all the soup recipes you sent last year. It is beginning to get cold enough here in Germany to pull them out for fall and winter.
Love to all,

Fran said...

Hey Linda...
I'll be praying for your family this week. Have a good week...
I'll check back later.


Erin Campbell-Pope said...

Your last comment is so true :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contests tips!!!
Congrats on the WW loss!!! I have to admit that I am a wee envious, but soooooooooooooo excited for you and your dh! YaHoo...
I'll be sure to keep your brother in-law in my prayers throughout the days to come.
And... another AMAZING quote! Thanks for sharing.
In Him,

Sandy said...

Hey sis,
Please let Bruce and family know we are praying for them. How difficult to lose his mother and we so honor and respect his son Adam for taking an oath to protect and serve our country in the US Army!
Congratulations on the weight loss! Love DH but am cheering in your corner to keep the lead!!!
Love ya

ADELE said...

I will certainly remember your brother-in-law in prayer and also your sister-in-law. Such a hard time that they will be going through. I will pray for comfort and peace.
I am so proud of you girl with your weight loss. I have lost 10 so far but I haven't been very good the last few days. I dread weighing in this Thursday. Let's keep on encouraging one another.
Also, love your pastor's advice. :)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Way to go on the WW! I will be keeping your BIL in my prayers as he journeys through the loss this week and in the future.

BellaColle said...

Thank you for your visit! I see you are a mom of three boys two!! I will definatly lift up well as your brother-in-law and his son....
Sometimes we can't understand, but we know we have an awesome Heavenly Father who does!

Justin and Haylee said...

saw that you left a comment on our blog and wanted to thank you for the good wishes. Just curious how you found us?
We are excited to move to memphis, I wish i could have gone with my husband to see the city... I'm wondering what it is like.

Kim said...

Great job on WW. I guess I'll get back on program soon. I'm a stress eater and there seems to be an extraordinary amount of that lately. I'm so sorry to hear about your BILs loss. Those 2 life events are difficult enough when they happen individually but within a week of each other must be incredibly hard. I hope they are doing better since I'm so late in catching up on your blog. I LOVE the statement from your pastor. It is very true. Do you have all of these things written down or is your memory just a LOT better than mine is? :o) Hugs ~ Kim