Monday, June 18, 2007

Change doesn't always feel so great

I just got off the phone with my neighbor and good friend Dawn. She is the wife of Dan who we had a welcome home party for last Saturday. She just told me that they are moving. Not like in a few months or year but in a few weeks to another state. I have not even known her for a full year but going to bible study together , having kids that are about the same age, and helping each other out with the kids on a moments notice have really bound us together. I will pray for them as they make this transistion but I have to admit I am selfishly feeling sorry for me. I will miss her and those kids, especially the two younger ones. As I got off the phone with her I asked the Lord what is it you are doing in her life? After all she is the one moving and movement means work, right? I am just staying here like I have always been. He quickly reminded me that he is working in my life through her move as well. I was already sad about another change taking place in my life and that was my son's friend from his soccer team is going to be leaving the team to play football. ( he is an awesome kicker and I am sure we will see him in the pros one day:) I have only known his family for a year also and I just love them, their kids are incredible and I love getting to see them on a regular basis. Even though they will still be in school together I know it won't be the same. All of this change combined with another dear friend going through a really rough time has had me a little down lately. I have to remind myself of the verse in Malachi 3:6, I the Lord do not change. It is so comforting to know that while we have to go through change, often to draw us closer to the Lord, He himself, the God of the universe never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. While I am still sad I take great comfort in this verse and know that He cares about me and will see me through.


Kim said...

Oh Linda, you are certainly a treasure and just by reading your blog I can see how God is using you for His Glory! I absolutely agree that there is great comfort in knowing that God is ALWAYS the same. When I am burdened in some way or stressed out about something, I try to remember a similar verse, Psalm 46:10 - "Be still and know I am God." I believe that God brings every one into our life for a reason. Some people are there for us to teach and touch their lives. Others come to teach us and touch our lives. Just remember that God is in control and he can see the BIG PICTURE, where we can only see a tiny part. Take care. Hugs ~ Kim

Sandy McTier said...

Hey Sis,
You are so wise! I love how you are able to put it into perspective and always look to the Lord first!
I'm sad for you ~ I know you will miss your friend ~ something I've experienced way too many times over the last 16 years of my married/military life.
Love ya
PS Happy Belated Birthday Bruce ~ give Lincoln a hug from the McTier's