Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another busy day

Well today was another busy day in our household just as I am sure it is in most homes with preschoolers and teenagers. :) It started out really nice with my dh making a trip to Starbucks to get me a Carmel Frap. and then to the store to get some Krispy Kream donuts both items use up so many points on weight watchers that we don't even count them. :)We had a guest preacher at church today. His name is Danny Akin. He really delivered a wonderful sermon. Talked a lot about finishing the race strong. One comment that he made that I have heard before but was a gentle reminder was that if we fix our eyes on Jesus we will not be let down. He will never fail us, people, however, will. Our expectations have to be on Jesus. I know I let people down all the time. I never intend to it just happens. I wish I could be everything to everyone but I can't and I need to let myself off the hook sometimes. On the other hand there I times I cut myself too much slack I think there is supposed to be a healthy balance there somewhere just have not found it.

We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday today with cake and ice cream at their home. Per my f-I-law's request my mother-in-law made a cake that his mother used to make for him as a child. It had a brown sugar and nuts as a filliing it was really good. The kids swam for a little while with Aunt Helene and their Memere(they are French-Canadian so they are called Memere and Pepere, French for grandmother and grandfather) and as always when I go over there I get to relax. My in-laws are really good about telling me to just sit and rest maybe read or take a brief nap and as soon as the cleaning up is done I do just that. My F-in-Law is a Master Gardner and has beautifully landscaped his property so a lot of times I will just walk around and look at all the pretty flowers and plants. I find that very relaxing.
Well it is getting time to put the little ones to bed.


MOM said...

I think I figured out how to response. I had to get a google blog acct. Great job!! So glad to have the opportunity to keep up with the Gagnon's. That is tough to do in person. Maybe I won't get so tired just reading your daily schedule. Trying to keep up with your all is exhausting. Most you all greatly. Hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

I had plenty a time to catch up on your blog and I did enjoy taking Chandler to lunch also with Helene. W e just don,t see much og him. Keep me inform I love it Mom