Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letting go......

Wow what a downer my last post was!!!!! I am happy to report that I am feeling so much better. God has certainly proved himself faithful and true to his word. I just needed a few gentle reminders. Thank you for praying for me. You will never know this side of heaven how much it has meant. Thanks mom for all the encouragement. I love you!!

My heart is so full right now it is just bursting at the seams.
My oldest son, Chandler made the Region III Olympic Development team and they are leaving for Argentina this Friday. He will be gone 9 days. We are not going just him and his team. He has never been away from home more than about 5or6 days and we were there with him so he has never been away from us longer than 3 days. Am I worried you ask????? Absolutely 100% full of all the "what ifs" but God will see us all through this first time experience and I know we will be better for it after we get through it. Did I mention we are not going????? ugh!

The reason I am bursting at the seams......
I decided(like yesterday)that since I know Chandler is bound to be homesick I would ask family, former and current coaches, sunday school teachers, his girlfriend, some of his favorite teachers, (you get the picture) to send me an email encouraging Chandler. I am printing them off and putting them in a notebook to hide in his suitcase so he will be surpised when he gets there. The responses I have received have been incredible. I asked for nothing big maybe just a few sentences or a scripture but some have written several paragraphs. There are some that have made me laugh and the one I just finised reading from his school soccer coach (who is also an English major) made me cry. It was full of word pictures and beautiful words. It was wonderful. You are wondering how this will be a suprise if I am writing about it... No worries, he never reads my blog. Sweet Cathleen, his girlfriend, has read it before but she is in on the suprise so she won't tell.
I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he begins to read them.. Did I mention we aren't going??

Here is a recent picture of him and Cathleen from last Saturday's Valentine dance. Did I mention that we don't get to go to Argentina. Not that it's bothering me or anything. :)

As the Lord leads please pray for him and for us.


petrii said...

I'm thinking you should hide in that suitcase and deliver the e-mails personally when he opens his suitcase, now wouldn't that be a surprise? =)

What an awesome experience for him and at such a young age. So GREAT!!

Love the pic of him and his girlfriend, so cute!!!

Have a Blessed evening,

Lauren said...

Aw! I am terrified about sending Drew to kindergarten... I cannot even imagine sending my son to Argentina. But there is no doubt that it will be a GREAT experience for him. Praying for you!

MOM said...

Chandler is prayer covered and did I mention SO ARE YOU!!!! We are very excited for him. This is such a blessing and an experience that he'll never forget. Just like child birth you'll get through it. God is Awesome.
Love ya,

Sandy said...

LET US KNOW AS SOON AS HE ARRIVES IN ARGENTINA! Like mom said - we've got you ALL covered in prayer! I'm sure Chandler will have a fabulous time and love the surpirse letters in his suitcase!
Love ya sis,