Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun, Fun, Times

My kids love to know what is on the agenda for the day. Every morning when the little ones wake up they ask,"What's the plan, Mom?" I give them a list of things we are going to do that day and for some reason they love that I guess it is their own way of having order to their day. If we are going to deviate from the plan I try to warn them or they get upset and say "that is not in the plan!"

This past weekend when they woke up I told them there was no plan and to get in the car. I would be taking them to some suprise locations.( I really just made them up as I went along)

Our first stop was Starbucks where we actually went in and drank our Fraps, theirs was strawberries and Cream and mine Carmel. ( one of my serious weaknesses) We then drove about 25 mins to this really great park. I did a short bible lesson for them at the Gazebo and then away they went. My husband works for FedEx and this park has a neat little FedEx plane in it. They had a great time. Then I said it was time to go to the next place. Somehow they began calling each new stop, levels, so they said let's leave the park and go to level 3 and so we did. We went to Memere & Pepere's house where they picked blue berries and went swimming.

Then to Burger King(yuck) Where they could play and eat instead of just going through the drive thru. The last level was bowling what a blast. I had planned to do a movie too but I was tired after 7 hours so home we went. That was the beauty of not telling them exactly what we were doing. No one could hold me to it.:)

They were so cute telling daddy about their day. They had a blast and so did I.

Carson is very competitive so here is is not smiling because the score was 82-81 and he did not win. :)

My father in law has a few blueberry bushes. Every summer he picks them sometimes 3-4 hours a day.
This park was fabulous!

When they were at the park and BK I had an opportunity to read the study I am doing, No Other Gods, by Kelly Minter. What a great study. I know that Beth Moore is doing it online with thousands of women but I came in late so I am doing it on my own. It really is an eye opening and convicting study. So simple yet so profound!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week.



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Sandy said...

hey sister!
Sounds like you all had a fabulous day! That FedEx plane is too cute.
Still have to go and get that book!
have a great day.
Love ya

fortyb4forty said...

What a great idea! I think I may have to steal it and try it with my boys next week.

At Home Redesigns said...

I think a surprise tour is a great idea. The anticipation makes everything so much more fun! I'm going to do this soon...

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had an awesome day! The best days are usually those without any plans or schedules. Thanks for sharing your day!

Denise C said...

What a great day, Linda! Your boys are so blessed to have such a fun mommy!!!
Love the pics...I felt like I went along on the trip too!!! My my...I would have been completely worn out after doing all that! You are superwoman!!!

Fran said...

What a great park! Looks like y'all had a fun and full day. My favorite is the picture of bowling. :)

Happy weekend~

Anonymous said...

So a... You're a planner like me! YUCK!!! LOL
Didn't it feel great to step outside the box and just explore things more freely? And it's a great way to protect them from the daily frustrations and disappointments as things NEVER go as planned.
I think that I must be going bonkers, but today (if the weather warms up enough) I might just have to make mud pies with the girls. (This is something that I have never even allowed them to do! I can't wait to see their confused reactions!)Do ya think that there's a Bible lesson that I can tie in to that one? HA!
As far as the bowling pics... Too funny!
In Him,

MOM said...

What a cool day. I think Carson would have beat me with that score. Those are great scores!! Thanks for the fun filled pictures. They are getting so big!! What was Chandler doing to amuse himself? Love to all!!

Julie said...

What a sweet thing for you to do with your boys!! I can only imagine their anticipation as they went from place to place!!

Have a great weekend!!

Kim said...

What a fun filled day!!! I'm sure your kid's enjoyed this little adventure!!!!

I sure enjoyed seeing that FedEx plane. Too cute!!


Heather said...

Hi Linda! Thank you for the comment, it made my day :) Your family is precious! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts!!

Meredith said...

Ok, you must be the coolest mom around! What a FUN day! Where is that park?? So cool.

Graham always asks me "where we going today?" :)

Kim said...

Hope your week is going swell????

Be blessed.

Kelley said...

Hey fun is this? I'm glad to know that I'm not the only Mom who wakes up each day only to be asked, "What are we doing today?". I feel like Julie, the Cruise Director (and now I'm showing my age). Hope you're having a blessed week and I really hope that you didn't get three ugly comments that you had to delete.

Kim said...

I left a little something on my blog for ya.

Lauren said...

That has GOT to be the coolest park I have EVER seen!

The Wood Family said...

We love that park!!! My sister-in-law lives about 5 minutes from it and we always go there when we visit!!