Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am SOOOO Hot!!!

And no I do not mean my looks:) My air conditioner was making a weird noise this week so I had someone come check it out. He said the compressor was on it's last leg and there was nothing he could do for it. It was still cooling so he said keep using it as long as it is cooling and when it stops give me a call and we will replace it to the sweet tune of $1850.00. Now I was still cool and fortunately my neighbor on the side of the air conditioning unit was not home so she couldn't be tortured by the awful schreeching noise it was making. The man left and I prayed that somehow we could wait til the fall to replace it. Well, I got my answer to my prayer today and it was a no. The warm air made it's way into our home at a speed faster than a race car and now at 10:30pm I am typing and sweating at the same time, I guess you could say I am multi-tasking:) It was about 97 today so that did not help things.

In thinking it over I feel like it is more of a test of faith for me today. We had a really great church sermon and morning so it was only appropriate to come home to some hot air to see what I was made of. Can I go with the flow and be thankful for the blessings I still have or am I only going to focus on being uncomfortable for a short while? So far my reaction has been pretty positive I hope I can keep it up. Isn't it typical though how easy it is to act in a Christ-like manner when I am surrounded by all things "comfortable" but the minute the comfort is disturbed it becomes so hard, how selfish of me. My nephew is living in 110 degree heat everyday in Iraq not to mention the 20lbs of extra clothes and gear he has to wear, people all over my town that are homeless have to find places to keep cool and I am inconvienced for probably a day or so and my lower lip comes out. Poor me! Father thank you that I have an air conditioner and that even thought it may be difficult to pay for you have given us the means to pay for it. Oh and I guess I should also thank you that I have a two story house and only the downstairs unit is broken so I could go upstairs to cool off if I want to.:) I was going to leave that one itty bitty piece of information out because the story of my sacrifice was so much better without it but it somehow it just seemed WRONG. haha

Be thankful for all things........



Fran said...

Oh I know. We get out of our comfort zone..whatever that is...and we can pout with the best of them. :)

And..I'm glad you are able to get it fixed. But, $1850???? That's insane isn't it???

Be cool. I tell my kids all the time and fail to tell myself..."No grumbling!"

petrii said...

I'm so glad your back, but so sorry about your air conditioner!! But I'm with ya ~~ ouch ~~ pouting when uncomfortable, boy have I ever been there!!

Love and Hugs,

fortyb4forty said...

No air conditioner is tough.Ours broke while I was pregnant with son #2. No air conditioning is a great excuse for eating large amounts of ice cream. Hang in there.

Denise C said...

OH my! 97 is very hot! Bless your heart! I am happy that you can go upstairs to cool off though!
Hope it is fixed very very soon for you my friend!!!

Joanne said...

My brother in law is a heating/air condition business owner. You just gave me yet another reason to be thankful today.

It is what we call a hundred and stupid today.

Blessings, Joanne

Meredith said...

We've been through a very similar situation and ended up with a new unit also. Why does it always happen in the dead of summer? :) Hope you are cool again soon.

Kim said...

You are so funny...I love the ending...I guess you can be thankful that you have an upstairs air conditioner!!!

Stay cool my friend...I too cannot handle the heat..and I need A/C. Gotta love it.