Monday, July 14, 2008

Silly Stuff

As I pointed out the very large glossy looking stomach carrying SIX babies probably about 7months pregnant of Kate (Jon & Kate plus 8) to my youngest children, Cameron, my youngest, yelled "Hey look Carson, That tummy is bigger than mommy's" Now I realize that could be perceived as sort of a compliment but when he said it what I heard was" Wow, I can't believe it Carson there is actually someone out there bigger than our big Mom" I can promise you my tummy is not that big. :) Silly kids sure know how to make their mom feel like a real beauty:)
I never know when it comes on but if I channel surf and see it we will watch it. If you do watch it you know exactly what I am talking about you know in the intro when she is in the hospital and probably having an ultra sound so she has all that jelly on her tummy.
Back to big tummies... My sisters and I are on a Journey to better health so we have started a new blog called (now do not laugh) Three hotties trapped in Fat bodies... I heard that laugh! We are just being silly and trying to use humor to tackle this really tough struggle and long journey we have ahead of us.
Changing the subject a bit. I wanted to wish my Nephew, Adam a very happy birthday. It was yesterday and he had to spend it in the desert, the VERY HOT desert. Thanks Adam for your service to our country. We love you.



Kim said...

My daughter Ashley and I watch this show too once in a while. I don't know HOW they do it!?!? lol

I'll be checkin' out your (and your sisters) blog!!!!

Loved your story...aren't kid's just precious with what they say!

Fran said...

I did not laugh at that blog title I promise! I loved it. :)


Anonymous said...

Missy, you are just too funny and I love the new title for your new blog!!! I'll have to check over there more often!
I do have to tell ya one thing (don't think that I'm wierd)... YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! (We has women and sister sshould be saying more things like this more often. Don't ya think?) YOU ARE!!!

Sandy said...

Hey sister,
I finally posted on the 3Hotties!!
Aren't you proud of me! I am!
Have a great week.
Love ya

Jessica said...

Oh my word.. that top picture is unreal! Bless her heart!

Kelley said...

I love this show and stop to watch it anytime that I "flip" by and see that it's on. Girl, I am loving your other site as well and am so looking forward to following you and your sisters on that journey. I need to join in, in fact. I've had plans to return to WW this summer and just hadn't gotten around to it. Maybe you just motivated me to hurry up and stop talking about it...just do it.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Found you by way of Kimba and I don't think it was accidental. I've had the weight issue on my mind lately and you could have been describing me. I look forward to more reading, and loved your bathroom picture. Hope you will visit sometime.

Julie said...

You remember YOU are a beautiful creation of God!!!!

I have never watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 but this is the second mention of it recently. I need to try to catch it on TV.

Sheila said...

I watch this show with my son's girlfriend (she loves it.)
I checked out your Hotties Blog, so cool, love it.

Meredith said...

Kids! :) I'm sure your boys think you are the most beautiful mommy in the world.

I love the new blog, and title. :)