Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of trivial stuff

I have a lot to post so you might need a cup of tea or coke or something. Sit down and stay a while......and try to focus or I will lose you. This post will be a real writer's worst nightmare.(hehe)

First- On Friday April 11th I had Carson's haircut. It needed it but it was exactly one week before his Kindergarten graduation pictures and I did not want that brand new haircut look for his pictures so thinking ahead I scheduled the appointment and his hair looked adorable. Fast forward to Thursday April 17th. The day before his pictures. On the way to school he begins to cry with a tooth-ache. I knew we had been recently so the tooth could not be too bad but I assured him I would take him to the dentist after school.(He only goes 1/2 day so I new he would be okay) We go to the dentist and the tooth turned out to be abscessed! He had to have it pulled and had to have an impression for a space maintainer. We left the appointment and hurried to big brother, Chandler's soccer game where Carson began to play with other children and I did not give him a second thought until it was time to leave and he comes around the corner with a big fat lip. Now I worked as a dental assistant in a children's dentist office for 10 years and I always reminded children not to bite their lips or cheeks after dental work because they were numb and could do a lot of damage since they couldn't feel it. What a bad mom I am, not only did I not mention it.. It didn't even occur to me. Oh well needless to say, his hair looked great for his pictures but his lip.... not so much. I must say though that I have matured because had it been my first child I would have been calling the school trying to reschedule the pictures and I would have been all upset. This time I thought oh well we will look back at these pictures and remember a crazy day. All Carson cared about was that he made the 2008 lost tooth poster in his class! I have to add that I walked into the bathroom the morning of his pictures and he was laying his lip on the bathroom scale... I inquired what's up and he let me know that he was trying to lose lip weight.. (I am quite sure he was confused about how the scale works) MMMM don't people pay alot of money to have lip weight added???????

Second- My in-laws recently came back from a two week trip to Hawaii. I had only one request and that was to please bring me a pineapple. My parents lived there for 10 years and I had eaten plenty pineapple thanks to our 3 visits and my parents bringing some to us when they visited. Making a short story much longer here... the bottom line is the pineapple was carried into our home, cut with our special pineapple cutter, and devoured. All this took place in about 10 minutes. Yippee!!! I just love fresh pineapple it was so good! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

And Yes we always cut things without a cutting board and with our children on the counter don't you?(hehe)

Third- Sunday my oldest was upstairs doing his homework and he heard a some what familiar sound from his past, one that he has not heard in at least 5 years. He came barreling down the stairs and said "give me some money, hurry, quick!" turns out the Ice-cream man had just passed and that 15yr old teen quickly became 8 again. He ran out the door with the other two following him. They had to run down the street a little but came back quickly with 3 very novel, quite expensive, probably been in the truck a while, ice-creams. The smiles that come after visiting that annoying musical truck are priceless. I am sure the ice-cream man thought it parculir that my oldest only had on shorts and my youngest had on shorts, a short sleeve shirt with a long sleeve shirt on top of it and of course one camoflauge glove. I do believe my middle one was dressed fairly normally. Needless to say I am glad they had to run a little down the street to catch the truck. Maybe just maybe no body saw them come from my house.(hehe)

Lastly, I am an avid reader of this blog. She has great decorative style and is very funny. I tried some, what she calls, window mistreatments in my bathroom. Very easy just material, glue gun, trim, and upholstery tacks. Just thought I'd share. I kind of like them. I might try to glue a liner on the back. Not sure yet.

Well, I do think I have posted plenty so to my faithful few that visit often sorry and to any new lurkers I hope I did not scare you off I usually don't post so much at one time.


Kim said...

I LOVED reading your post today. It's fun simply reading about LIFE!

I had to check out the link you shared....and I agree...she has some WONDERFUL decorating ideas!!!!! I'll be spending some time visiting!

Have a great week my friend.

Sandy said...

Fabulous post sis! Poor Carson and that lip - oh my!
We all just died laughing at the boys and their ice creams ~ you neglected to mention that Cameron is also carrying your tiara!hehehe
The window treatment looks awesome ~ love that blog too!
Now I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed.
Have a great week. love ya

ADELE said...

Oh I love your window treatments. They look great. I will have to check out the link.
Your poor son. I just hate that he hurt his lip. I sure hope things are much better now.
I love the pics of the boys with their ice creams. I still get excited when I hear the ice cream truck. LOL.
Great post!

Sandy said...

OH and I forgot to mention when I saw the picture of the pineapple which by the way - YUMMY! I said out loud - he's cutting that without a cutting board -the bottom of that tool is so sharp! and then continued reading your funny statement about no cutting board and sitting on the counter!
Ya'll are silly!
Have a great day.
Sandy :)

petrii said...

I love it when I see a glimpse of the 8 year old in my 15 year old son ~~ priceless!! Right now he's nursing a broken heart, so he's staying close to his mama ~~ also priceless!!

Your curtains are so cute. I need to check out that blog.

Have a blessed day,

Shannon said...

I did some mistreatments almost JUST LIKE this in my bathroom. Go check it out. I think it was in March. So funny!! Yours look great!

Meredith said...

I think Carson is so cute-fat lip and all! :) I remember one of my school pictures I had a huge cold sore (gross!), no telling what my mom must have been thinking sending me to school that day.

Love the boys with their ice creams! Especially that your 15 yr old was the first in line. :)

I have been really wanting to try the window "mistreatments". Yours look great!

Joanne said...


I found you through Kim at Seasons of my Heart. Your picture stopped me dead in my tracks. You are not only darling, you look so much like my sister. I have never thought another blogger looked like they could be a relative of mine before, until now.

If you go to my blog and on my sidebar of 'my favorite posts' look at the post titled, "happy birthday Jennifer" and you will see who I am talking about.

Blessings! Joanne

Fran said...

I always love the random stuff that people write. And...poor guy with the busted lip. Thats a boy for ya huh??!! he's still adorable.

Have a great weekend.

Mel's World said...

That is a GREAT picture of the boys with their popsicles!!! I Love it when our "older" kids surprise by letting their "younger" kids (inside them all) come out for a bit!

Oh my goodness your valances are fabulous...great job!

MOM said...

Great Post. Hope that infection is gone. Sorry I missed you this past week. Looks like you have been busy as usual. Love the pictures!!!!!!!! I'm back in Germany, arrived this morning. Love to all,

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Good job on your windows, I think they turned out GREAT!

Happy day!

justabeachkat said...

Wow...what a post. Poor Carson...his lip looks painful. Cute photo of the boys with their ice creams. I love your window treatment. So pretty.


Julie said...

I cringed when I saw Carson's lip. I saw the picture first before I read the entire blog!

I love the curtains. How creative! I would completely mess them up if I tried it.

Laura L. said...

Love your blog and just found it via someone else's. I'll have to stop by again.
I looked at your profile and noticed some of your favorite books are the Redemption series. That's what I'm currently reading. :)
Have a good day!

Paige said...

Stopping over to send hugs! What a precious boy with a fat lip!

The curtains look fab!