Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just playing around

Well now that school is out I am finding that there are a million things I want to accomplish but so many of them will take so much time that I say to myself, "I can do that later." I have bought several plants and two really cute pots. I have been planting most of the time that David and Chandler have been gone. These are the pots that I found at Lowe's.

My sister, Sandy, sent me this really cute towel. I told her I thought I might add some ribbon to it with my handy dandy glue gun. So I will take you through the before and after with these photos. I don't know why I asked the opinion of my 6 year old, Carson, but I did and he does not like the "furry stuff". So of course now being the insecure person that I am I will fret over the "furry stuff's existance and whether or not it is really needed.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I did not get a "mud cake" but a very real one with lots of calories. YUM! My father in law and mother in law got one and we ate it and went swimming at Helene's (my sister in law) house. My children did get up and put several of their own things into gift bags, tissue paper included( I was very impressed). Then they waited anxiously as I opened them. They were so excited that I oooed and awed over the presents they chose to sacrifice from their own collection of things. How sweet are they?? That is until they told me that since they gave me some of their toys maybe I should take them to buy them a few new toys. I mean after all that's only fair, isn't it?
Have a great day!


Sandy said...

Love the ribbon! The pot from Lowes is too cute as well!
Have a great week.
Sandy ;)

Kim said...

So sorry you didn't get your mud cake but the "gifts" sound wonderful. I remember our youngest did that one year with her beloved "tornado". You know the one that you hold by the top and swoosh it around and it creates a tornado inside. Her Daddy was out of town and she remembered that I said I thought that was really neat. So, she thoughtfully gave it to me. I treasure it to this day in it is in my "collectibles" hutch! Hugs ~ Kim

Shannon said...

Those pots are sooooo cute!!! I'm going to have to check those out! My sister in law gave me this towel too but with a D on it. The ribbon is such a good idea!

petrii said...

The pots are sooo cute and the towel?~~ adorable ~~ I love the fuzzy!!

My son started giving me his toys for my b-day a few years ago. He'd give me things that he really had outgrown, but still wanted to keep around. I have many items like that and love every one!!

Have a Blessed day,

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda. I have to agree with the boys, leave off the furry stuff. Glad you had a "real" cake and that you had a great birthday.
Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful bday, my friend! I love the towels! What an amazing eye you have for decor!!! And the plants are breathtaking!
We go up to our gparents farm every other weekend and in November I dug up all of her dahlias for the winter. (Broke off a few tubers for myself). Well, hers and mine are in the ground npw and just starting to grow. I am in hyper mode and CAN NOT wait for those beauties to bloom! I'll have to share them on a post in the near future! I really must atart posting again...

Julie said...

I LOVE the first picture with all 3 pots/flowers. It looks beautiful and so peaceful outside. And, I love the furry stuff on the towel!! :) I need to find a towel similar with an "H".

Belle-ah said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kim said...

You did a GREAT job with the towel...and great idea I'll need to remember.

So you have one chair painted huh?!?! Too funny.

So glad to hear you had a nice birthday.


justabeachkat said...

Love the cute flower pots and the towels with the ribbon...not sure I like the furry stuff either. LOL


Fran said...

I personally LOVE the towel with the furry stuff.

And, the pots are too cute. May go see if our Lowes has them. :)


Jennifer said...

The pots are so cute. I also really like the ribbon and the furry stuff on your towel! I've been looking for a cute little monogrammed hand towel myself. Where did she get the towel? Our last name starts with a G too!

So creative!!! Thanks for sharing!