Friday, June 6, 2008

Hurting anyone????

I have so many friends who are hurting right now and I am so sad for them. Some because of their own choices, some because of other people's poor choices and some just because they can't keep their eyes on the one and only Jesus. I believe I fall into that last category right now. I have been so incredibly busy, tired and not feeling all that great that I have allowed my eyes to focus horizantal rather than verticle. My eyes have fallen on my circumstances. (which I might add, to most may not seem very bad at all) Whatever the hurt comes from whether we asked for it or not it still hurts!! I am so convinced that there are so many of us out there who pretend that everything is just fine and we have it all under control when in all reality the only thing we have control over is our reaction. Our reaction to our circumstance is our choice and ours alone. Do I react in a manner worthy of a good witness or do I fail miserably? Lately I would have to say it is the latter. I am going to hop off this post right now and go stick my heart, soul, and mind into His one and only word. The Truth. Oh it won't change my circumstances but I know it can and will change my reactions if I am willing and I believe I am ready to be willing.

Cry when you need to cry, vent when you need to vent, but I pray we can be real with one another and pray for one another without judging cause I don't know about ya'll but I am one sister who does NOT have it all together. :)



Anonymous said...

Aw, Sweetie...
Thank you for being sooooooooooo real and sharing a bit of yourself today. The bit that you shared really touched me and has brought up questions in my mind of my thoughts, actions, etc. Thank you...
I hope that all is well on your end and shall be thinking of you throughout today.
In Him,

MOM said...

It is so hard to watch people you love go through difficult times whether it be through no fault of their own or as a result of their actions. May GRACE be with you as you support and minister to those around you. I'll lift you in prayer for strength (which we have through HIM) and love (HE is our example). I love you sweetie,

petrii said...

What a great post in the midst of my "moments" lately. I really needed this. You are very dear to me even though we've never met in person. Thank you for keeping me accountable for my reactions to the situations I find myself in. It becomes increasingly clear to me that it is VERY important how we react to what we are handed. Do we have faith and stand or lack faith and crumble? ~~ I believe I will choose faith and stand!! Thank you Jesus!!
Thanks for this post,

Kelly said...

Great post Linda.

Julie said...

Life just plain doesn't make sense sometimes, does it. Your life matters to Him. He cares about those things that are surrounding your life. He sees you, He knows...He rides on the heavens to help you. Deut. 33:26-29.


Denise C said...

You sure have blessed me today! You are such a dear person....and I am so glad we have met here in the "Blog world"!
I will be standing in the gap for you my sweet friend!
Phil 4:6-8!!!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lady...
Just checking in!
Sisters through Him,

Kelley said...

I posted recently, as you know, about hurt as well. It must run in packs, huh?

I am reminded, though, that the same God who made the blind man to see, the One that was the God of Moses and Noah, the One who walked on water and parted the sea...HE is the same one my life and in yours.

Julie said...

I can relate to this post, unfortunately. I have experienced the same thougths you posted about. I appreciated your comments on reaction. Thank you for sharing.

ADELE said...

OH I love this post. I am one of those that tries to pretend I have it all together when I might be hurting over something. Thanks for posting this. I really needed to read it today.

Fran said...

Oh linda...I'm so close to ya..and I wish I could pop on over and give you a hug and remind us both that life is hard and can just be flat out difficult sometimes.

I'm praying that these days have been filled with a slower pace, some deep time with Him, and lots of joy and laughter around you.

Much love,

Marina said...

Linda, you said everthing I have in my heart but don't know how to express it as well as you I feel the same way but I just don't say it but I know one thing God has been showing me is that I need to spend more time in prayer with him I need to run and go cry to him and do all my complaining to him,and then he will wait until I am done and speak to me learning not to wish or worry just to pray and let it go and give it too God even if we are depress. he only puts us through things so that out of all of these we will learn what he has call us out to be with out pain how can he make us into what he has call us to be . He is working on you and loving on you and you are not alone I may not alway post like you do I don't think of myself much of a writer but I am learning and walking with our,marina

Heather said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It was a great reminder for me to get in God's Word esp. in times of trying circumstances.
Hope your computer gets better soon!

Dionna said...

It is so easy for us to look on the horizontal rather than the vertical isn't it? Satan is so good at getting us to be busy and stressed and overcome by our own lives. We truly do need to remember to simply look up instead of keeping our eyes down.