Friday, October 24, 2008

Which way do I go?

I drove to Birmingham, Alabama last weekend. This is monumental for me as I do not travel without my husband. I have a horrible sense of direction and cannot read a map. Well I figured with the new navigational system I would be fine and set out for a soccer tournament with my son and two of his team mates.

All went very well until I missed a turn and the system told me to turn left when left would have put me in the median. So I panicked.
I kept driving and the system kept saying recalculating, then I realized I did not have phone service which was a double whammy. I drove about 3 miles to the next exit so that I could turn around. Again the system kept saying recalculating and with the phone service still gone I was really frazzled. As I approached the missed turn. I had a message on my phone from a team parent telling me to bypass Jasper and take exit 85 as is was now open. So another U-turn and back I went. As I arrived to my destination I was struck by the spiritual application this little mishap really had. Sometimes I just drive along the road of life on auto-pilot, just waiting for the next direction. When somthing unfamiliar happens, like missing the turn, I try in vain to go back, back to the familiar, the known. The unknown scares me. I had all the tools I needed to move ahead yet I just wanted to go back. I want to go back to a place where I know my relationship with the Lord was stronger, I make so many u-turns to try to get there I miss the only road to a closer relationship with Him. That road is called Time. Time with Him is the only way to arrive at my true destination(heaven) with Peace and joy, and just like that parent told me the road was Opened I need to be receptive to hearing from fellow believers that I may not be going "the right way".
Have a great weekend.



Meredith said...

I hate those navigational systems! :) We almost got killed trying to follow the directions one was giving us just to get to our hotel in Germantown! LOL Good for you for finding a lesson in the experience.

Paige said...

I want to suggest a book if you have not read it. Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I am also doing Beth Moore's new study, Steppin Up. These two are speaking loudly to me!


PS My nav system leads me the wrong place too!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a great post my friend.

Ahh..the familiar...we all seem to be drawn there...but what sweet blessings we find...when we "step out".

Hope you are having a great weekend!?!?

petrii said...

What a GREAT post!!! How often I miss the turn as well, and try to keep going in my familiar ways. Shame on me!! Thank you for this ~~ I really needed it today.

Have a Blessed day,

Denise C said...

OH I just love this post! Oh yes...the "uncomfortableness"...(at first)...of stepping out of our "box"...but just like Kim said....we do indeed find such precious blessings waiting there!
Have a fabulous day, my sweet friend!

Kelley said...

Hey friend,

I am LOVING this post! I so relate and often wonder why I fall back into old habits when I know that following Him is the only way. Thanks for this perspective. Awesome!!!

Paige said...

You have been Boo-ed! Go to my blog and follow the rules!

Sheila said...

Linda great post! I hear you on making time for the Lord. We have trouble making time and he takes care of the Whole World. We are doing a book on Balance and putting first things first on Wednesday night ladies bible class and it has helped me so much.
Keep you in my prayers.