Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter/ Changing of the rooms

Here is a picture from yesterday. Easter morning before Church. The boys, especially Chandler did not want to take any pictures. Our Lab Dallas wouldn't get out of the pictures so she is in everyone we took.

This room used to be the playroom. The boys are now sharing a room and they love it. I have not bought the matching bedding yet or hung pictures that fit in their room. The ones that are up were in the playroom.

This room used to be the office, then Cameron's room and now is the school room. The pictures don't even do it justice. I love our new school room. I love that it is closed off so there are no distractions from the rest of the house.

So here are some pictures of the used to be dinning room then school room, then tried to be a dinning room again but couldn't fit couch in the room I wanted to so it sat in this room and I ended up liking it so now it is another living room of sorts. The tv cabinet was free, got it right off the side of the road.


Sheila said...

Love the pictures of your family! I love the rooms and the changes. You have a lot of talent. I wonder will I ever get back on track blogging?? I have been so lazy lately.
Have a blessed week.

Jennifer said...

Woo Hoo you were able to get the rooms changed after all. Doesn't it make it feel like a whole new house. :)

The boys (and doggie) look adorable!

fortyb4forty said...

My boys didn't want to do pictures, either. I told them I was going to take pictures until all of them smiled and I didn't care how long it took-they believed me!
I love the rooms! You did a great job. My dad used to let my sister and me switch rooms each summer. It was so much fun.

Sandy said...

Hey sister,
Great pic of the boys! Wish mine was as good of my boys - they looked miserable and slumped shoulders - didn't make it to blog post!
Love the rooms! You have always been a great decorator!
Have a great day.

MOM said...

Great picture. Love the classroom. I bet the boys really like their new bedroom. You need two German Shrunk up stair. None of the bedrooms in a Germany have closets. We use shrunks to hang up our clothes. Praise the Lord all your tests can back neg for any life threatening illness.
Love you all!! HE IS ALIVE!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love the pictures of your family and your rooms look GREAT.

Hope you will stop by and visit my blog and meet Jack.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great decorator! Hey, when you have "free" time, want to come help me with my abode!? Let me tell ya... I just don't have "the eye" that you have. O... I try. ;-)