Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Of course I start an on-line college course Tuesday and my computer crashed this morning. I am typing away on my brother-in-law's computer. We came out to celebrate Memorial Day with the family. Our neice and nephew are in town with their sweet baby Molly who I just got to rock to sleep. I could just eat her up!!!!!

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day. Don't know when I will be back on-line. But it's not like I was posting daily......


Meredith said...

Good luck with the new class. Hope you get your computer up and running quickly.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I loved reading your blog tonight.
Be sure and stop by my blog and sign up for the "10 Giveaways" that I will draw for on Wednesday.

Also, please pray for sweet Maggie as she returns to St Jude's this week. Would love for you to grab her button for your blog...

fortyb4forty said...

Taking a class sounds great. I hope it goes well and that you love it!

Sandy said...

Hey sissta,
How are the online classes coming along?? What about an update on your blog?? hehehe
Hope you have a great week. Can't believe we can't work out a time this summer to get together!!
love ya