Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, alot has been going on around here. My front door has been bare for a while now. I wanted Boston Ferns but didn't want to pay the price for two of them so I waited until about a week and a half ago and was able to get them both for $16.00 which excited me. The pots they are in used to be a terricotta color and had seen better days so I spray painted them black. I also had a horrible wreath on the door so I shopped around the house and put this together. Layering in true Nester style. The picture of the 4 boys is from Regional Olympic Development camp.. They are only boys from Tennessee that made the Regional pool. There are around 400-500 campers there and they select 40 to the pool so it is an honor. Regional camp is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama so on our way back with the little ones we decided to stop at Elvis's birth place in Tupelo, Mississippi just to break up the trip. Now it is not something that I would plan to do but since it was on the way we stopped and it was interesting. The statue the boys are standing next to was of Elvis at 13. The caretakers of the place really need to secure it better to the ground because Cameron jumped on the back and it moved. My husband quickly pulled him off of it and noticed that the base is pretty flimsy and about give way so that lovely statue will fall down. I am just thankful we noticed it and it did not fall down after Cameron jumped on it. The picture of Chandler and his girlfriend, Cathleen was taken at the airport when he arrived home from ESP camp.
I am so ready for all Chandler to be home and stop all this traveling.

Hope you are having a great day. We are having some much needed rain and I am enjoying it tremendously.


Kelley said...

Hey there friend....your porch looks great. LOVE the planters painted black and your door arrangement. I bought some discounted plants this past week as well. A beautiful Ivy Geranium and some Wave Petunias. I don't know that I've ever bought late in the season like this...sure did get a bargain. Very nice. That boy of yours is some kind of soccer player. What an honor to be able to travel and do all the cool things he's been doing in his sport. Very cool! Looks like the Mom and the girlfriend were glad to see him. So good to hear from you! Take care!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a SPECIAL honor for your son!!! Congrat's to him, and I'm sure you are thrilled to have him home!!!

I LOVE the pots painted black and your door arrangement. Great job.

I hope all is going well in your world.


Kat said...

Hi there! Your front door looks very inviting. Good idea to spray the pots black.

Your boys sure are growing up and getting tall.


Jennifer said...

Hey there! I love ferns on my porch too. It's ashame they are usually so expensive. BTW I applied for some more teaching jobs. I am praying one will come thru. :) There is one at my son's school which would be a good fit. Nothing at my daughter's elementary school though. :(