Friday, August 7, 2009


Happy Birthday to my sweet Daddy. I hate that he and my mom live so far away(Germany). I know they are traveling this weekend to celebrate. Hope it is a great trip.
Also want to say Happy Birthday to my niece, Janna, on my husband's side of the family. She is turning the big 30!
Love you both!

I start my new job teaching 5th grade this coming Monday. I am very nervous. I won't actually have the students til the 19th. I feel so old to be starting something for the first time. I am feeling such a wide range of emotions right now. If the Lord leads please pray that I will lean totally on Him and Him alone. I know that with Him I can accomplish anything but without Him I will fail miserably.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend.



fortyb4forty said...

I will be praying for you! I remember the first day of school as a teacher.

MOM said...

Got you prayer covered. Just a different season. By His GRACE we belong to HIM and life is never boring. One challenge after another and HIS hands are always close by.
Love ya,