Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello.....Let me re-introduce myself....

Couldn't think of a more appropriate title considering I have been away so long. I have missed blogging terribly but the time has just not been there. I haven't worked full time outside the home since 1994 so beginning a teaching career so late in my life has been quite an undertaking. I love the job but have had an incredibly difficult time balancing home and school.

I have only been off school for 2 days now and I have really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting caught up here and with all the paper work that I brought home from school. Of course it is 5:30am and I don't have to be awake but I guess I am programmed so it will take a bit to sleep in. Looking forward to that..

We took Christmas card pictures yesterday. You should have seen us. I made my oldest son grab a chair and we all went looking for a good railroad track location or older looking building and this is what we came up with. I am loving it. A little different but love the faces on my boys.

Looking forward to getting caught up on some blog visiting and posting. :)

Have a wonderful day!



Sandy said...

Hey sis,
Great picture of the boys!!I know it's been hard for you to balance everything ~ have missed your blog posts!! Love ya. Sandy

Dionna said...

Great picture of your boys. I like your new profile picture too. :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Linda~

Love the picture of your boys! I like non-traditional pictures. :)

Glad that you are coming up for air from the first half of the school year. :)

Have a wonderful blessed holiday!

Anonymous said...

So glad you got back to blogging. I have missed hearing the daily things.
great picture. Grandma