Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long time no post.....and YES I know it is a long one

Well I have decided to quit posting that I am busy because it seems to be all I say. So lets just let it be understood that I AM BUSY and that is the end of it. Each and every one of you could make the same statement and I don't want to come off as complaining so on with my post. haha
Teaching has been fun for me. I have really grown to love these little children whose parents have entrusted me to be a part of their education experience. The little girls are sooo girly. I love it!!! They are sooo sweet to me and feel bad that I only have boys. Several of them have invited me to come over to watch girly shows since that does not happen at my home. The little boys are precious and are all boy!!! Everything becomes a gun or sword and is pow pow, of course we are not allowed to let that happen so I have to encourage them to find something else to play. They are loud and fidgety(not a word) I feel very much at home with them because there are not many calm, quiet moments around here with 3 boys and two dogs.
I feel blessed to have been given this experience. I know my dh would probably argue that because he has to hear the other side of me working part time and that is that I am not able to get anything else done around here. I used to be a perfectionist about my home then I had 3 kids and I settled for picked up and maybe really clean a few times a week now I feel like I am just blessed to get every one where they need to be on each day with everything that they need to have. I know this is just a season and I pray that the investments that I am making in my children's and my student's lives will be substaintial. I mean really do my boys care that my house is "eat off the floor" clean or would they settle for picked up and me playing with them?? My house is stuff and while I do believe we should teach our kids to take care of the things we have been blessed to have I don't want them to ever feel that our "stuff" is more important then they are. I have not always had this mentality but I am thankful I finally got it. My younger two will benefit from this but my oldest will probably need therapy. haha
We are off tomorrow for the soccer state championship. Chandler's team has won this 3 times in a row and not to sound greedy but I would love to see the team win it for the 4th time. We have one of our biggest defenders sick right now and if he even gets to play he will be weak. We also have a player that got a red card last game so he has to sit out our first game. Not great circumstances to play under but all teams go through these types of situations so we will just have to see how it plays out. My dh and I love to watch this team play. We have been so blessed by our coach and all of the parents. This team is truly a TEAM. No superstars, everyone is needed and they all know that. It has been fun to see my son and the rest of the team really have each other's back on the field and to see the relationships they have formed off the field is exciting as well. I have been told that teams are not always so special. Meaning that the players may be good but the coach is degrading to them or the parents cannot get along. I don't know what goes on anywhere else but I do know we have a wonderful coach, great players and great parents and my dh and I feel very blessed that the Lord put our son with this team and it's is a long story but it truly was the Lord that placed him here.
I will let you know how it all pans out but would love to have you pray that our team plays their best and that no one on any of the teams this weekend gets hurt. I also am praying that if it is in God's will that we will win and if it not that the boys will be gracious in losing.
Tonight we get to pack for the weekend and then move furniture out of 3 rooms since the carpet and hardwood are being laid Monday. Any creative ideas on keeping the kids and dogs off the floor for 24 hours???? Short of moving out for the night I am not sure how I will be doing that but I know it is doable(sp)
Hope a great weekend is in store for all of you.


Anonymous said...

have a nice weekend,we will miss seing you all but take care Mom G

Sandy said...

Good luck to Chan and his team!
Sounds like school is going really well and I'm sure they all LOVE MISS Linda.
24 hrs. and no kids or dogs on the floors?? Sounds like tent time in the backyard to me???!!! You could always let the boys do some male bonding and you could go and check in to a hotel - yeah right?! Was a nice thought though huh?!
I'm sick as a dog right now - trying to get myself together for classes tomorrow with a runny nose, pounding headache and tired, heavy eyes ~ I'm off to take some meds and go to bed.
Love ya
sandy ;)