Sunday, November 18, 2007


I can’t believe it is my sister, Sandy’s 40th birthday. She certainly does not look it but of course they are saying that 40 is the new 20, like brown is the new black. I don’t know who “THEY” are but I will take THEIR word for it since I am already a year into the 40’s decade myself. Anywho. I have inserted several pictures that are reminiscent of her life. The jeans logo cracks me up because I remember my mother saying she was not going to pay for designer jeans when she could buy some perfectly nice ones at a more realistic price. Well Sandy saved her money and bought those jeans. She was so proud. I was jealous because I could not fit in them way too small for me.
I also remember that she would forgo birthday cake and want a Lemon Merenge pie instead which was always yummy. She was a cheerleader in high school and one of the prettiest I might add. She was and still is very photogenic. She was voted most attractive by her classmates. As wonderful as she sounds in the past she is a totally different and better person now. She loves the Lord. She is creative. A very gifted artist. She is a wonderful mom and wife. I really believe she and her husband run one of the most organized homes I know. She brought a wonderful man into our family when she married Steven and they have three great boys. She loves people and teaching them to paint. I know it thrills her to see the success that so many of her students are having in her classes. She is a hands on mother. She does not know how to say no very easily so often times she has volunteered for way too many things that all seem to be due around the same time. She is a terrific bowler and she makes some awesome homemade crescent rolls. She is very dear to me and I love her very much. Sometimes she will remind me of something she did when she was younger and I don’t have any idea what she is talking about then I remember that in high school it was all about ME so I don’t remember a lot of went on with her or my other sweet sister, Debbie. Definetly a regret I will carry always. Sandy, I hope as you read this you know how much I love you and how truly blessed I feel to call you my sister. I hope you have a great day and welcome to a new decade
Love you,


MOM said...

It wasn't long after Sandy bought those jeans that she fell and tore a hole in the knee. She has always been able to look like a fashion model. No ones closet was sacred. She even wore Dad's shirts or ties and made them her own. There are a lot of fond memories of all three of you girls growing up. As a Mom I couldn't be more blessed. I have three girls who love the Lord and are raising their children to know him also. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!! Happy Birthday Sandy. Great tribute to your sister, Linda.
Love ya all,

justabeachkat said...

What a sweet, sweet tribute to Sandy! She's one talented, sweet, caring, wonderful person!


Sandy said...

THANK YOU SIS! That is incredibly sweet! Brought back some precious moments and as I sit here in tears reading this I'm smiling BIG and thinking about them all! Especially the fun we had growing up and all the wacky "mostly brady bunch" things that we did! I love you and am so blessed to not only have you as my sister but also as my FRIEND!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Linda, that was such a sweet tribute. I loved learning that Sandy like to BOWL and the jeans story was great. I've already been over to Sandy's site to wish her Happy Birthday. I'm in good "40 year old" company!

Nicole said...

I have had the pleasure of getting to know your sister over the past year. She really is wonderful. Im lucky to have her as a friend. I am too glad that she has such a sweet and thoughtful sister.

Paige said...

Nothing like a sis! Ï Adore mine!.

Kim said...

I know it's been said 6 times already but that was such a sweet post. I love reading the posts between you and Sandy. The love you have for each other touches my heart. You two are such a blessing. Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

I found you through your sisters post. What a sweet post for her. I will be back.