Saturday, March 14, 2009

I aint got no move! Go Tigers!!! Happy Birthday!

Did I really say in the last post title, "I got my move on" ? Well I quickly found out that I don't have any move to get on. All the plans I had remember?? I laid them out for you and they were so good in my head. However, when 2 key pieces of furniture just won't make it into two seperate rooms that you have carefully planned out you just end up with hodge podge. ugh! So Carson's old room was going to be a living area of sorts, couch, Chairs and TV. Now only has 2 wing chairs. The couch couldn't fit. The boys room upstairs has everything except the armouire(so spelled it wrong, don't care) that was in Cameron's old room. It matches the beds it is so key to being in their room, took us 25 mins to get it up the stairs on its side and that is where it stayed with us holding it trying to figure out how to turn it or get it off the stairs... ended up going right back downstairs but not before we broke one of the doors off of it. The only room that is completely the way I planned is the school room. My dinning room now has a green and marroon plaid couch, with a big white and blue armouire(again spelled wrong, again, don't care) because I've got nowhere to put them. Oh well so much for my little moving project to avoid buying anything. I am still not buying any accessories for my home but I will now be purchasing spackling and paint(Do you think I can use a can of spray paint?) to take care of the huge dents and divits we put into the walls with the pieces of non cooperating furniture and some bengay to help all aching muscles I now have from all this moving and non-moving.

On a much funner note. Our Tigers played for the Conference USA title today and won! It was so much fun. Chandler, Cathleen, David and I went to the game. It was sold out. So much blue and gray. Of course with us going to the game I needed to ask someone to keep Carson and Cameron. We reminded them not to fight with each other and to obey my friend. (just the normal things you need to remind boys of)
When I called to check on my sweet precious baby boys my friend told me they had a little incident. She ran into the grocery store where Cameron hit Carson and Carson bit Cameron. Thankfully she has 3 kids of her own and was able to handle them. She said otherwise everything was great. She assured us we could grab a bite to eat before we picked them up so we headed to El Porton(love me some white cheese dip) for lunch. We then picked up the hitter and the biter and finally we went home where I plan to hibernate and nestle up with a blanket on the couch watch tv and think what could have been if could have got my "move on".

Happy Belated birthday to my sweet niece, Hannah she turned 8 on the 6th of March the only girl on my side of the family. Happy Birthday to my nephew Austin today he turned 15 and is going to get his permit in a few days. Wow with him getting his permit and mine getting his license..... WATCH THE ROAD Tennessee & Georgia!!!!!!!



Jennifer said...

Poor thing...........I totally understand as this happens to me often.

MOM said...

The older we get the more thought we have to put into those energetic hair brain ideas that come our way. The mind was willing but the body wasn't. It only gets harder from here. GO Tigers!!! It was a one sided game wasn't it? Chandler has a sweet 16Birthday on the 21st and we will be in France. Hope his day is as special as he is!!!
Mom and Dad

Julie said...

You need a massage (I'm certain I misspelled that)!!! You'll have to show final pictures!!

Jean Stockdale said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love to hear from you. And I so enjoy hearing about your family! I cannot believe they are getting so grown up. Yesterday was gorgeous. I am starting a new Bible study on Ephesians so I am chained to my computer these days and so in love with Jesus! Blessings to you and the fam. jean

Tammy said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment over at the Home School Open House! I agree...finding things that interest our children and their learning styles, as well as having flexibility in our days, is the beauty of schooling at home!

I'm sorry it's been way too long since I've been by! I was just catching decided to move around the rooms in your house? I'm sore just thinking about that! ;)

Dionna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog so much lately, Linda. I've enjoyed your feedback and reading your comments. :)

Holly said...

Sorry for your furniture moving war wounds. No fun! Hope you are feeling better.

I think it's a great idea to move things from room to room or from storage. It helps me see things in a new way and get a refreshed space without spending $$$. Post pics when you get a chance.

Tim said...

You are entered! Thanks for stopping by Fort Thompson. I love you blog, its AWESOME! Hope you dont mind if I pop in from time to time.

Love and Prayers,


Shannon said...

I hope you feel better! Ouch!

Anonymous said...

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