Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Six words.. and I got my move on...

Paige tagged me to write about myself in only six words. Here goes...

bought and paid for by Jesus

I have had this brainy idea to move rooms around in my house. With the recession, buying stuff right now is just not an option so for someone who likes to change around the house with new accessories and things I decided to use only what I have and move the rooms around, just something different.
I started today and "HELLO" what was I thinking?????
Here is the plan.
1. Carson & Cameron have their own room right now but want to share a room so we are moving them into the upstairs playroom.
2. We are moving most of the playroom furniture into Carson's old room to make another living space of sorts. Tv, couch, games, and game systems.
3. Cameron's old room will become the school room.
4. My dinning room will finally become a dinning room again when the school room is moved. Of course I moved a ceiling fan in there and the old chandelier is in the kitchen so I will have a dinning table with a fan above it til I get a new fixture. I can wait. :0

I really thought I, will the help of Chandler and hubby, could get this done in a day. NO WAY! There is so much to organize first. Of course I had to break for dinner, my sweet mother-in-law made some homemade pizzas for us which was a break for me in that I did not have to cook... In the words of London Tipton... "Yeah Me" I have made a little progress though and it is fun to see something a little different.
Wow for someone who doesn't like change, I have never minded changing things around in my home.

You need to rush over to visit Kelly to get some great ideas on recession dressing. Of course while you are there take a million peeks at her precious little baby girl, Harper. I could just eat her up and those bows make me want to buy a bunch even though I am a mom of three boys. I do have a female black Lab though.... ummmmm


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, you are in a decorating mood, aren't you! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets these urges to change thing around. You'll have to take before and after pictues! Can't wait to see the new look!

Jillian, Inc said...

I am big on getting grand home decorating ideas/projects going and they end up taking entirely way too much time! ha! And I agree with Kelly and that adorable Harper. So cute!

petrii said...

You are so GREAT!! I would just be happy to get my sweet little cottage back under control. It seems I've lost all control since my surgery, back in NOVEMBER!!!!! What is my problem? I try to clean and then have to sit and then try to clean and then have to sit. Are you sensing a pattern here, and possibly the problem? =)

Have a Blessed day,

fortyb4forty said...

Amazing! My sister and I used to switch rooms around quite often but my boys are not interested.
Harper is a cutie but even my dogs are boys so I have no one to buy bows for....bummer.
Be careful moving rooms around but have fun!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Linda, thanks for your visits to my blog and your nice compliments. Your blog is beautiful, I love the header. I hope you got all of your rooms moved around, sounds like a lot of work! I'm sure it's worth it though. Kristen

Tootsie said...

thanks so much for the visit today! your blog is wonderful. I will be back to visit again!

Sandy said...

I want to do that in my house but I'm out of rooms!!urgh!!
Can't wait to see the redecorating pictures!
Love ya sis,

Bev Brandon said...

Now that was one adventuresome spring break---you moved! You made me smile! Thinking of you!

Christy said...

I love moving my rooms around but I haven't done anything decorating wise in awhile. I'm sure the spring decorating bug will hit me before too long though.