Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yesterday was the first day I was acutally able to sit and watch some tv in our new home. We have been working full speed ahead since moving in on the 6th of August. I thought I was handling everything ok until I went to get my hair done yesterday and my sweet hairdresser asked how I was doing and said I looked MUCH better than I did the last time I came in.. she said I looked so overwhelmed and was worried about me.. sweet thang!!!
Since we moved in I have started back to teaching, the kids have gone back to school, we have watched at least 10 soccer games and been to a countless number of soccer practices.... Carson cut his leg open and needed 11 stitches and Chandler sprang his wrist pretty bad and is in a brace.
On a fun note-- my parents who have lived out of the continental United States for the last 25 years are moving to Georgia in October-- and I was able to visit with my sisters and their kids, my Mom and my Grandmother right before we moved in... we had a lot of fun.

Here are a few picture of the house... just the living room and the master bedroom. I will show more later.. We didn't get it painted on the inside yet so if you notice some holes in the walls that is why.



MOM said...

Love the new furniture. They pack me out starting tomorrow. They picked up my stuff from the office today. I won't have a phone on Camerons birthday. Did I send his birthday card already? I can't find it in my mess so I am hoping I did. Please slip me a note on my AOL. Love ya, Mom

Karen said...

Just following a blogging trail, I too am away from family and have started the blog to stay in touch with them and keep the mind fresh!
Your taste is wonderful. Drop by and visit when you can at Places of my Heart.

Paige's Petals said...

Stopped over to say hello! I have missed you!