Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moved and getting settled!

Well we have moved into our new house and then three days later I started back to school. Only in-service till next week but keeps me from being able to set up the new house-- I figure I will work on it a little at a time. We feel so blessed that God has allowed all of this to happen.

Like I said before I started in-service yesterday. While trying to open a small dry erase board I sliced the top of my finger which would not stop bleeding. The nurse said I needed stitches, the doctor was too busy to see me and said to go to the ER.. Now I wasn't about to go to the ER for a sliced finger.. We had the football coach who is also a doctor use some strips on it to hold it together he then wrapped it up and finally got it to stop bleeding.... oh the drama of a waisted hour! Then today I was using a ladder to hang posters and closed in on my thumb. As I pulled away from the ladder to console my poor thumb I tripped over my shoes and fell! hahahahaha I busted out laughing! I am cracking my self... a one woman show and audience! I can only hope this is not indicitive of the way the year will go.

Chandler is a senior this year.. I can hardly type that without a lump forming in my throat. It is so hard to believe. Tomorrow is his first day back to school. He has grown into such a fine young man. I am so proud of him and his character. He has been traveling out of the country several times for soccer but in October he will be traveling to Hondurus for a mission trip with his Sunday School class. They will be building a church. He is looking forward to it.

I will post some pics of my kiddos and new house soon. Till then- have a great day or should I say a great few months as that seems to be how long I take in between blog posts.. haha


Anonymous said...

My gosh, Linda, what a way to start your busy week. Hope you are feeling okay now and everything is healing fine. Love, Grandma

MOM said...

WOW!!! Hope the rest of your week has been less dramatic. My Mom called and asked if I had read your blog. I got right on to see what she was talking about. God has blessed you with a beautiful new home but you need to stay healthy enough to enjoy it hehehe. Love ya, Mom

Sandy said...

Hey sister! Take care of yourself!! I got sad today when I erased your mailing address in my address book that has been there for what 19 years now and replaced it with the new one! Look forward to seeing some pics and know you've decorated beautifully!
Love ya. Have a great week.