Saturday, January 15, 2011

A really nice day

We have had a fabulously busy but fun Saturday. We started with a 9:00am basketball game then an 11:00am basketball game and finally a 1:00pm basketball game all three of which our team won. Both our younger boys are on the same 2 basketball teams so it is nice that we only have to go to practices once or twice a week rather than more because of two different teams. My hubs coaches one of the teams and does such a great job with the boys. I watched today as the opposing team's coach screamed at his players (7-8 yrs old) during a time out while my sweet hubs is just encouraging and instructing his players. I am so proud of all that he does to teach these little ones. In fact he coached our oldest son for years in every sport and to this day at age 17 some of the kids he coached through church ball still come up to him and say, "Hey Coach". I know it makes him feel good to have played a part in his players' lives. Having three boys you are bound to get a coach that really shouldn't be coaching..... Thankfully we have been blessed so far and have been pleased with all the coaches our kids have had and the impact and influence they have made in them as individuals.
The championship game is tomorrow at 3:00--hoping we can win it but if not we will have fun in the stands and so will our kids on the court--

After all three basketball games we scurried over to an end of the season soccer party to cook out and honor our coach whom we love dearly. The host family had such a beautiful home. Next time I go back I am taking pictures so I can share. She has a real knack for decorating-- not museum decorating but family friendly living decorating.

Here are a few pictures from the party

It was still a little wet outside from the melted snow so the boys were covered in mud after they played some football and soccer. I am soaking their clothes now.. hope they come clean.....

As the party came to a close I was able to capture this beautiful sunset-- How can anyone look at this and say there is no God??


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Jessica said...

You had a busy day! : )
Yes, teaching will wear. you. out!
Ha, ha! Blogging usually takes a back burner when it comes to lesson planning and grading never ending worksheets, but we have to make time for us too, right? Ha!
So glad you are enjoying it. I love having a fellow "teacher" blogger.