Monday, January 16, 2012

Some things that make me smile....

Watching Chandler play soccer

Seeing Cameron put this on after I burned the bacon
Looking goofy while trying to stay warm at a ridiculously cold soccer game
My young ones dressed as baseball players for Halloween since they decided at the last minute to go out

Hubs and Cameron at a Tiger game with the Tiger

catching a fish in the backyard

Organinzation in the garage

everyone's toothbrush in one bathroom--makes for hectic mornings but fun conversations occur over the two sinks

organization in the bathroom

and of course The Cross where My Lord paid it all for my sins!(I took this one night in front of our church and thought they looked so pretty)



Courtney said...

CUTE pictures!!

Dionna Sanchez said...

Love the picture of your kiddo in the face mask after you burned the bacon! Our children have such a great way of helping us grab onto our humor, don't they?

Sheila said...

hey sweet friend...i have been missing in action for last two years...almost gave up on blog..but hopefully i am back. You are one of the first ones i checked glad ur still teaching Yeah!! Your boys have grown up so quickly...hope to keep in touch...

Linda said...

Thanks Courtney, Oh yes they do Dionna and Welcome Back Sheila!